Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random Thought Tuesdays. LOVE it!

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I don't got much, but its gotta come out.

Thank you for all the great comments on my pathetic, lonely post over the weekend.  You guys are the best and did remind me that I would loose more than just Son living with me.  I think one of my new coping skills will be to read through your wonderful words to help remind me of what I need to think about and to help lift me out of my pity parties.  I also have scheduled a session with my therapist in addition to the help I am getting with therapy for Jakes.

I gave his father a deadline of last Friday to give me his decision about medicating Jakes.  I, of course, did not hear ANYTHING from him.  So I am filing with the courts to get the courts permission to follow the Doctors recommendations.  I also am going to ask that the child support be reduced because the premium for the medical insurance was DECREASED (how'd that happen?!?!?) by $39 per month.  WOW!!!

My parents are away on vacation this week.  I hope they are having a good time!  Dad was feeling under the weather over the weekend before they left so things could be dicey.  His Drs are playing with his medications and it takes time for his body to adjust and during that time he feels like crap.  But doesn't want to admit it.  Blockhead!  :)

I have a good friend on my mind a lot lately.  He lives in AZ, half a country away but is going through some REALLY tough stuff.  He has a lot on his plate and no one close by to help out.  I wish I could do more than just listen but that's all I'm meant to do for now.  Send some good vibes to AZ along with me, ok?

Neicy is going through some tough stuff too.  She broke up with her bf of many yrs a week ago.  We knew it was coming, things haven't been good between them for quite some time.  Neicy is a tough one.  She'll come out of it just fine.  In the meantime, I'm listening to her complain and be down in the dumps.  I mean she supported me through my divorce and is still there for me now. 

My plans for Thanksgiving are all made.  I called a restaurant and made reservations for us.  Then I found out that my boss was going to the same place at the same time!  I hope they don't seat us next to him.  ugh!

I better get working on my grants.  I only have 5 1/2 to get done before early next week.  Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

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  1. ha. i hope you dont have to sit next to him too...glad you found solace in the words...and hope you have a great thanksgiving...

  2. big smiles...what is the bloggy world for, if not for a pat on the back and a lift from despair?

  3. You're doing a great job. I don't think any one of us would trade places with you and all you have to deal with.

    Glad you're reaching out to your therapist. So glad you're not looking to make big custody changes right now. Hang in there Supermom.

  4. We were going to go to Cracker Barrel for Thanksgiving and just today we decided to cook instead. It was the leftovers. We wanted them! lol


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