Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Digging Out - the first of the season (and the last I hope!)

We had our first (and if I get my way, the ONLY!) snow storm of the winter.  After carefully watching the weather people tease with large amounts of snow fall, we ended up with maybe 3 inches.  Its hard to tell with the 40mph wind that is out there.

With Dad's heart problems, Renie and Kathy being unstead on their feet and me being the youngest and healthiest around here, its up to me and Jakes to dig everyone out.  sigh.  On Christmas Day (when they were calling for 12 +) G-pop showed Jakes how to work the snow blower.  After Christmas Dinner on Sunday, Jakes and G-Pop headed out to clean the driveway.

Jakes did a great job with the snow blower.  I think I'm going to like having a kid that's big/old enough to play with the big toys!

Of course with the wind and blowing snow, Jakes was a popicile when he came in.  He was disappointed that the driveway wasn't totally clear but the wind was blowing the snow right back on after he cleared it.

If you were snowed in, I hope you were safe and warm!


  1. oy yeah we had to dig out as well...after a couple days it was nice to get out....

  2. As long as Jakes knows never to stick your hand up it to unclog the snow...I was just reading an article here about all the mangled hands in the ER's after our last storm, so I have it on the brain right now!

  3. So great he helped out!! We got about 8 inches but the roads were pretty good the next day!!


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