Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Weather is Here. BRRRRRRR

Winter weather is here.  This is the first REALLY cold and windy weekend here at The Compound.  I love to live on the river, except in the winter. 

In the warmer weather there is so much wonderfulness about being on the water.  The warm breeze through the house, the boats flying by, the sunsets, even watching the storms march across the river.

Can you beat this view?

In the winter, though, the warm breeze turns cold and mean.  This weekend, the wind been out of the west, mostly and I haven't seen it go below 20 miles per hour.  I know what the wind speed is because my daddy gave me his old weather station.  Coolness!

Weather Station
But since its December, I will have to accept that eventually my view will include this:

And Spring is on its way, right?


  1. ok, shivering....

    was bristly this weekend and we got an inch of snow...

  2. Oh Amy! I'm with you. I HATE being cold and can't wait for the sunny, warm waters of the Bahamas come January. If it weren't for the kids and grandkids coming home for the holidays, I would already be there.

  3. We have unexpected snow and a windchill of -5! This is crazy!
    It is not even winter yet!!

  4. I guess it's inevitable, but yikes....that's cold!

  5. Holy moly that's some deep snow!!!


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