Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Cold has griped most of the nation again.  Ok, its January and supposed to be cold.  But I am not enjoying it ONE LITTLE BIT.  I don't know why.  Its not like this is out of the ordinary for where I live.  It could be that as I get older, the cold gets harder to deal with.  Or it could be that I have a friend in AZ who keeps me posted on how WARM it is there. pphhfffttt!

Right now, I am keeping a CLOSE eye on the next storm eyeing up the Northeast.  They are predicting mainly rain and slush for my area and I hope that holds true.  Fingers crossed that its not that bad 4-letter "s" word!

On Saturday, we had a tug and barge head downriver, dodging the ice bergs at sunset.  It was pretty.

Tug and Barge at Sunset

We still have some ducks and geese that make the trip up the ice for corn
Isn't that GORGEOUS???

I am holding out hope that Spring is coming, SOON.


  1. oh it is pretty...and it is beastly cold....shivering...

  2. Beautiful pictures! We should have a warmer weekend!

  3. I copied the Sunset Picture... Loved it, of course...



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