Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Home life is getting better. I am enjoying my son again! This was definitely the right decision!

Today, Jaxon is ONE YEARS old! I can’t believe where the time has gone! Just yesterday he was a little pup. Now he’s an adult doggie! He really is the best dog for us.

We are expecting another huge snowstorm today into tomorrow. They are calling for 5-10 inches of snow. But they also don’t know what the track will be. We could get more or we could get less. I vote for less!

I am a kinda backwards person. I complain about the cold and the snow but then I make plans to plunge into the ocean in FEBRUARY no less! Just a little crazy, I know.

I haven’t mentioned my dad recently. Mainly cause he is doing pretty good. The last Drs visit, they didn’t even change any of his meds. How awesome is that?!! He still needs to accept that he can’t do everything he wants, like running the snow blower or shoveling snow. But he body jumps in and tells him when its had enough. And it gives him no choice but to listen.

I am SO pissed at my brother. He has been MIA for a while but usually turns up for holidays. Dad has called him three or four times to check in but he hasn’t called back. Then over the Christmas holiday, Brother didn’t even call back or show up AT ALL. Done. Disowned as far as I am concerned. I feel bad for Dad though. It hurt him deeply.

Court is on Friday. I called to make sure everything was on track and found out that A/H had filed a cross motion but didn’t see fit to notify ME! I explained to the law clerk that I had no clue that he had cross motioned. She said if I can send a letter to the judge before Friday, he will have a chance to read my position on A/H’s requests. She recommended I try to be ready to have my arguments ready before or on Friday, otherwise the judge will just reschedule us in 28 days. So I spent most of the morning with hateful thoughts bouncing in my head, then I already had an appointment with my therapist where I discussed a strategy. Last night I typed up my rebuttal to all A/H’s points and now I will submit it to the courts today. I shared it with Neicy and she approved. She said I have a way with words. Unlike A/H who submitted his paperwork with TYPOS. Really?

I just found out today that I am not getting paid.  The company doesn't have the funds.  And they don't know when they will be getting the funds to pay us.  But they will be glad to give any employee and letter to show any creditors that they haven't been paid.  Like that will matter to the bank that holds the loan on my car when they come to take it away.  If you have a line on a job, let me know!  I have a child to feed!

I have been chatting and texting with HS recently.  He lives in AZ and has had a hard time lately.  Fingers crossed that he is on the upswing!

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  1. glad to hear dadis well and that home life is getting better...hope court goes well...

  2. Snow Storms and Not getting Paid? You need a Warm, Paid Vacation.

  3. I hope everything goes well with your court date. That's terrible about you not getting paid. Did they say when you would?

  4. I totallyknow what you mean about not etting paid! So stressful.

  5. Amy, Hang in there! While there's life, there's hope.


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