Friday, January 14, 2011

Today's The Day.

Court.  Its finally here.  For me, its going to be anticlimactic as I am already doing what I am asking the courts permission to do.  Medicating my child.  So I am going to have fun with his father through this.  Going to have fun making him look like the inept parent that he is.  Making him look like the money grubbing, begrudging his child's welfare person he is.

See, I found out that he did counter file against me but he never served me with his request. STUPID!  When I called the courts on Monday to make sure things were on track, they told me he filed something on December 15th!  They were nice enough to share it with me and offer advice on what I could do, which was to ask for a postponement for another month.  After reading (and trying to decipher his typos and wrong word usage), I decided that I would be able to defend myself against his stupid requests today. 

The courts allowed me to draft a response for the judge and turn it in along with my back-ups.  I mailed it to A/H but who knows if he would get it in time.  Oh well.

What he filed was that he doesn't think he should be responsible for Jakes therapy co-pay because they are billing my insurance for family therapy.  So he doesn't think he should be responsible for it.  Asshole!

He wants Jakes evaluated by the autism doctor, who doesn't participate with Jakes insurance and will cost a minimum of $150 but the office thinks it will be closer to $300 because Jakes hasn't been there in over 3 years and a comprehensive evaluation will have to be done.  He also wants Jakes interviewed by the court.

He doesn't think he should be made to pay my cost of filing the motion because I didn't try to solve this on my own.  DUH!  I have tried to solve this on my own and when I involved HIM, all my efforts were shut down.  He left me with no other choice but to file the motion.

Those are his arguments to what I filed.  Then he has to audacity to ask the courts to make ME transport Jakes for half of the transportation necessary for HIS parenting time.  He moved 2 states away over 2 years ago and didn't ask for help in transporting him.  He is claiming that his employer has cut his hours and he can't afford the tolls associated with transporting him.  I say tough cookies!  My employer hasn't cut my hours but they didn't pay me this week.  Can't get cut anymore than that!

He also wants to be able to claim him for tax purposes every third year.  REALLY?  You have him an average of 4 days per month and contribute 45% of his support and you think you should claim him????  Not to mention that he doesn't PARENT or contribute anything to PARENTING other than frustration.

He wants to make some minor changes to the visitation order, which I have no problems with.

So I drafted my response to the judge and included as much back up as I could and worked to gather the rest of it.  Which I have to share in court today.  Jakes therapist wrote an AWESOME progress report that details his behaviors before medication and since.  I cried when I read it.  But then I cry where Jakes is concerned a lot.

I am trying to summon my anger at A/H so that I have the strength to get through this today without crying in court.  I didn't put on mascara in case I cry!  And I have a tissue in my pocket.  I am ready for this!

As I type this, Jakes is singing the alphabet song.  I am patiently waiting for his medication to kick in so he stops.  He is so much quieter when medicated!

Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! I really hope this goes your way today!!!!

  2. Sending EVERY good thought, vibe or notion I have today your way.

    Kick his ass!

  3. He can't afford the tolls? Really. Sheesh. Sounds like you are well prepared...GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  4. I'm so happy you fought for this! I'm sorry you had to go through it, but proud you had the courage. Congrats!

  5. Just reading this now! Hope yesterday went well!


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