Friday, January 7, 2011

School News

Yesterday was a BUSY day!  I had SO many appointment to keep and spent a lot of time on the road. 

The first appointment was with the ear specialist.  He wasn't happy with what he saw going on in Jakes ear.  The tube is where its supposed to be but is imflamed.  Jakes peditrician gave us drops and the specialist was pleased with those.  We are to continue those for 2 weeks and go back for a check.  If the ear is still imflamed, we'll have to talk about surgery to remove the tube.  Jakes and I had a cute conversation about it last night while I was tucking him in.

"Why are we doing the drops still?" he asked.
"Dr thinks they will help the skin around the tube to get better."
"What if it doesn't get better?  I have to have surgery, right?"
"Will it hurt?"
"Probably not."
"Why can't they just blow air in there?"
"Cause then you'd be an airhead!" I answered laughing.  He laughed too.  What a cute moment!

The next meeting I had was with the Child Study Team.  I hate these meetings.  They just are not usually pleasant.  And I usually end up in tears.  And it happened again this time!  But tears of happiness and relief, instead of disappointment and frustration!

Jakes homeroom teacher and the Aid were there this time.  Its the first I have met the aid.  I liked her.  She has persevered with Jakes and his bad attitudes.  They both shared that his behaviors at school have improved so much this week.  They are pleased!  He is more focused, quieter, compliant and doesn't blurt out in class as much.  He goes to the bathroom and returns immediately, instead of having to be fetched.  He is being more polite and considerate of the Aid, when he has be very mean and disrespectful in the past.  He is a different child.  One that is likable.

His teacher must think all I do is cry.  At the parent teacher conference I burst into tears and here I did it again!  I am so proud of him!

This meeting was to review Jakes need of the aid in the classroom.  While we are encouraged by his progress in the past few days, I do not believe that he is ready to be without her yet.  We might still have to adjust his medication and he needs to be taught some orgainzational skills.  This is something that he was supposed to be learning all along but was incapable.  So for the next six weeks, we are going to monitor the medication, his progress with organization and then for one week in February, he will be without the aid even in the classroom.  If he continues to improve and does well without the aid, we will keep her away and change the IEP in the spring for no aid the next school year.  If he has problems without the aid, we'll put her back into the program and see what needs to be done to help Jakes learn to be independent.

We can do this.  HE can do this.  We will do this.  HE will do this.


  1. This is the first time I've visited in a while. I'm so happy to hear he's getting the meds and the help he needs. Hooray!

    2011 will be better, I know it will.

  2. I am so happy he is improving! I have seen medicine work wonders with kids! Most of the time I can tell right away when their parents forget to give it to them. Sounds like his IEP is perfect for now!

  3. Amy this is such good news. As a mom to two boys with disabilities I KNOW that each and EVERY step FORWARD is to be CELEBRATED! (By the way...I HATE those meetings too.)

  4. reading along and stopping quick to comment.

    You are doing awesome! these posts seem so possitive and that makes me SMILE!


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