Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Snitz My Son Says

Jakes and I were having a good conversation while waiting for our food in Friendly's the other night.  Jakes was setting up the iYatzee game on the iPad.  I was admiring the hot young things in the kitchen.  He asked what I was looking at and I told him.  He told me to stop looking at them.  Then I opened a can of worms!

"What if I got a boyfriend?" I asked
"No, you can't." he answers.
"Why not?" from me
"Cause you and I need to save our money so we can go back to Disney, just you and me!" he says.
"What if I get a rich boyfriend who will take us to Disney and we don't have to save our money?"
"No.  Just you and me in Disney.  We can save our money and go on our own."

And then our food came so I let it drop.  But if I even DO find a boyfriend, I don't think Jakes is going to like sharing me.

I have been keeping a daily journal of Jakes behaviors. I started it before the medication and have been keeping it up since starting his medication.  He is like a different kid!  He is calm and quiet, accepting and compliant.  He hasn't even fought me too much on the ear drops we have to do for now!

Our session with Valerie was wonderful.  I was weepy while I told her about the changes we have made and how they have positively affected him.  And she could see that he was calm and patient.  He didn't interrupt the conversation until there was an appropriate break and what he contributed was appropriate as well!  Once we finished briefing Valerie on Jakes progress, she went over several social skills lessons with him and was surprised and thrilled at how well he did and how many they covered!

Mornings are a little more trying than I would like.  Don't get me wrong, they are a HUGE improvement over BM (before meds) but I still find myself getting annoyed with him and having to nag  more than I think I should for an 11 almost 12 yr old.  We will work on that.   I cannot expect miracles in the first week.  Well, I can but I have to accept if it doesn't happen!

Last night, he made dinner for us.  Pigs in a Blanket.  While not my fave, at least I didn't have to cook!

Tomorrow we have a visit at the local Children's Hospital to see an ENT specialist.  Jakes had an ear infection over the Christmas holiday and while the infection was clearing up, the Dr couldn't see the tube but saw a lump in the ear canal that he thinks is the tube with tissue growing over it.  I am expecting to be told that he needs to have surgery to have it removed and another set of tubes put in place.  I will be surprised if they don't recommend surgery.  But, after having gone through 3 tubes placements and one tube removal, I am not worried.  The Drs at the hospital are top notch and the one we are seeing is the head of the department.  I have confidence that they will take the best care of my baby!


  1. Excellent. Fabulous. Wonderful.

  2. Excellent. Fabulous. Wonderful.

  3. Awww ... it's sweet that he loves you so much he wants you all to himself though! And it's so wonderful to hear how life is continuing to improve! :)

  4. smiles. cross that bridge when you get there...glad that things are settling down a bit for you...

  5. So glad to hear about the positive results with the medication - that's wonderful! Hope all goes well with the ear issue. xo

  6. Just so you don't feel too bad, there's some nagging required for most any child of that age...morning, noon, and night!

  7. I can't get past the idea that you were at Friendly's. I miss them...we don't have them in IL. Sounds like the meds are just what he needed...yay!


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