Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Did TWO Amazing Things

I have talked about making changes to our life to make things better. I am reading “Is This Your Child?” by Dr. Doris Rapp. This book suggests things, foods mainly, that can cause your child to exhibit horrid behaviors. She describes many families who have changed the diets of their children and have seen wondrous results in the behaviors of their children. My mom did it to me when I was a pain in the ass. It works!

I bought REAL juice for Jakes, we worked together to avoid most dairy and took juice with us when we went to OCMD for the night. Jakes has been very cooperative with the whole process. So much so, he even continued the diet changes at his dads this weekend. Go Jakes! I didn’t bother to tell his father about the changes we made, thinking he wouldn’t and couldn’t be bothered to follow the diet. Jakes said his dad only had Kool-Aid and dark sodas so he drank water. What a good kid!

Tonight when he came home, he was in a pretty good mood but he didn’t have dark circles under his eyes as he usually does. This can be a sign of an allergic reaction. Tonight at dinner, he was happy and talkative but not overly loud as he usually is. He also contributed productively to the conversation instead of directing it toward things only he wants to talk about. He accepted corrections easily and didn’t argue over the little things. I’m not saying he was an angel but he was HUGELY improved. I actually ENJOYED having him home! And that is something I have not felt in a long time.

The next step for the diet is to add one thing back into his diet at a time and see if he reacts to anything. But since he is at his dads next weekend, we will probably have to wait another week. I want to add the stuff back in when he is with me and not when he’s in school. We’ll get it done!

I have also started him on ADHD medication. Yes, against his fathers wishes and No, we haven’t been to court yet. I don’t care what his father says because I need to do what is best for my child. His behaviors were getting worse and more dangerous. I HAD to do something.

Jakes pediatrician prescribed the medication and I gave it to him for 2 days. I could see SUCH a DIFFERENCE! He was calmer, quieter and more compliant. He seemed more focused on tasks and pleasant. Of course, we didn’t have any deadlines or school work to complete and he was still coming off the diary and artificial colors and flavors. As soon as the medication was wearing off, I could see the old Jakes coming back. He was loud and obnoxious. He was argumentative and mean. I KNOW he needs the medication. I KNOW the medication was working. I can’t WAIT to see how he does in school with it!

When Jakes was medicated, I felt more centered. I didn’t have to nag him, remind him, or yell at him. I didn’t get frustrated with him and our life. I felt PEACE! and HOPE! that I can DO THIS!

I know that we still have a long road in front of us but I know we will be able to succeed. With the help of the medication, cognitive behavior therapy and time, we will be a successfully functioning family. And I won’t have to hate myself for not liking my child.

Oh! By the way, I did NOT send the medication to his fathers because he doesn’t have problems with him so he doesn’t need the medication when he’s with his father!


  1. Your so on the right path. Good, no, great job.

  2. This sounds so positive! I'm really happy for you both!

  3. nice..sounds like you are seeing some positive results...

  4. Amazing that something like changing a diet can have such an effect on behaviour! I'm so pleased this, and the meds, are working for your son and for you. May the peace continue in your home! :)

  5. PEACE! HOPE! AWESOMENESS! That is so great. And you are soooo lucky that he complied on his own at his dad's...go Jakes!


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