Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolutions and Hope

Just about everyone makes resolutions for the New Year. And just about everyone fails to follow through on them by the end of the month. I know that I am one of those people who fail at my resolutions. In the past, I have made resolutions to loose weight and learn Chinese. FAIL times two! Many years in a row.

This year, I am not going to make what I consider petty resolutions. To me, in 2011, loosing weight is petty. In 2010, I have seen many friends’ loose loved ones and I have almost lost my son. In 2010, I have seen many relationships fail and jobs lost. In 2010, I have seen too much negativity in the world. In 2010, I have lost the peace and serenity within my home.

So, while I may still work on improving my health and overall look of myself physically, I have bigger things I want to do for 2011. I want World Peace. Think that’s a big task? I do too. So I’ll start smaller.

In 2011, I want peace and serenity in MY home. If I can get that back, 2011 will be a success!

A few days ago, Jakes pediatrician put some hope and strength in my well. He also said that Jakes ears are messed up again. That I can handle, call the specialist and do what they say. Back to the strength and hope….. Dr. P put some in my well. He listened to me, read all my reports on Jakes and gave me hope and strength. Since then I have found some patience also and with what Dr. P offered, I can do this.

In 2011, I will have peace and serenity in my house again. I will be able to concentrate on something other than Jakes and surviving each day with my sanity intact. Hell, I might even find time to get laid!

For all of my readers, friends and family, I wish you some of my peace and serenity. If all of you find a little bit of my peace and serenity, we can work together for World Peace!

Happy New Year!


  1. wishing you the best in 2011...and peace and serenity for sure..smiles.

  2. hope your resolution is fulfilled this year - you deserve it! :) Happy New Year!

  3. I wish you peace, serenity and orgasms.

    Be well, friend.

  4. Wishing you all the best for 2011!

  5. shit, can't beat annabelle's comment so i won't even try!



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