Monday, February 7, 2011

This years Plunge

Well, we did it!  Jakes, Neicy and I took the Plunge into the COLD Atlantic Ocean again.  As usual, it was great fun and Neicy and I went in 3 times each.  We always have to go in for the intial plunge but since there are SO many people running in and out of the ocean at the same time, its impossible for our friends to get pictures of us in the water.  So we go back and pose for the pictures.

It was actually VERY warm on the beach, 49 degrees and SUNNY! We hung out on the beach for quite a while waiting for the official call to swim.

The we went in.  HOLY CRAP Was it COLD!  I went in about to my waist and before I got past my ankles my feet were numb.  This was my second time going in.  I made Neicy go with me so we could get pictures.

Jakes was probably the smartest one of us all, he only got his feet wet and decided that was enough.  :)  Gotta love the smart ones.

Me and Neicy after the Plunge.

They estimate that there were over 20,000 people in Rebohoth this weekend for the events.  I am sure they raised major money to support the Special Olympics of Delaware.  And Neicy, Jakes and I will go back next year for another dip in the freezing Atlantic!


  1. Wow - very cool.... well I guess I mean cold.

  2. nice...great job and for a great cause...hope you are warm now...smiles.

  3. BRRRRRR!!!! you are my hero!!! hope you are warm in your home now :)

  4. Just looking at the pics is making me cold. I'm used to the warm Gulf, so I'll pass.

  5. Wait. You just told me you don't do cold. This is amazing, then. And good for you for supporting the Special Olympics in this way. I think I'll just keep doing my one snowman a year and writing a check to the charity. PS: Your kids are cutie pies, and what a great tradition you're establishing with them.

  6. Okay, I always love watching YOU do it but oh boy I bet that water is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cold!
    NO THANK YOU! Cold water woosie here Amy!


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