Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Jesse loved her room.  She loved to rearrange her room regularly.  Almost every time Cassie would come over to spend the night, they would work together to rearrange things.  One weekend, they painted the room as well as rearranged it.

They painted it from a pretty girlie pink.

To Smurf Blue

What a change it was!  Jesse and Cassie had a great time working together to get everything put away, the walls prepped and painted.  Jesse's mom was going to make frilly white  lace curtains for the windows.  The room was going to be lovely when they were done.

After spending the day painting and chatting about boys, high school and the next dance, it was time to clean up.  They gathered everything to take outside and use the hose.  Jesse dabbed paint on Cassie's face with the paint brush and took off running.  Cassie had the hose and squirted Jesse as she ran away.  Both girls were laughing and giggling.  Jesse kept trying to get closer to Cassie to paint her some more but Cassie had a good aim with the hose.  Jesse was flinging the paint brush and roller full of paint at Cassie.

Finally, when they were exausted from laughing and chasing each other, they surveyed the damage to each other.  Jesse was soaked from head to toe.  Cassie looked like a smurf.  She was covered from head to toe in paint.  And what fun they had that afternoon.

To this day, they still joke about the smurf blue room and the paint fight.  Love you, Cassie!

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  1. Cute story! I have NOT visited Theme Thursday in months! I miss it!

  2. smiles. what a cute story...yeah i been in a paint fight or two...rather fun...

  3. Love the story - and absolutley ADORE the smurf blue! LOL ...

  4. Wow. Stuff like that really happens? ;-)

  5. I am playing catch up! Love the Smurf Blue...


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