Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You'd Better Sit Down For This One!

When I checked my email this morning I got a shock!  A/H has finally agreed to everything we have been discussing!  AND he also agreed for us to go to the courthouse, have them type up the order, figure the child support and save us attorney fees!  We are both giving a little to get a little.  I can't believe it!

Jakes spent the weekend there and came home miserable.  He is STILL miserable and growly at me.  But only me.  He speaks mean to me, with an attitude and when I call him on it, he denies it and huffs and puffs at me.  Then he speaks to G-pop or G-mom and he nice as pie.  Little brat.  Makes me glad he's going to spend the summer at his dads!

I had the best Valentine's Day.  When I left the house for work, a card fell out of the doorframe.  When I came home for lunch, I tripped over a card in the doorway.  It was a singing card!  With a Jack Russell puppy dancing!  I love my parents!

I love Sunday night dinners.  I usually cook dinner for my parents, Jakes and Ms. Kathy and we gather in Ms. Kathy's house.  Its a great time spent with the family catching up on the week past and events for the week coming.  After we make the changes to the court order, I will be picking Jakes up from his fathers and we'll have to come up with another plan for having Sunday Dinners.

Ms. Kathy has been sick this past week.  She had the flu this past week.  And we worry about Ms. Kathy when she gets sick.  We want to make sure she gets better quickly! She said she's sick of chicken soup. But she's feeling better.  She went out to lunch AND dinner yesterday.

When I go to AZ in May, I'm going with Ms. Kathy cause her granddaughter is graduating from high school and she wants some company on the plane.  I'm using her as an excuse to see a good friend and to have some relaxing time off from work and Jakes.  I think Ms. Kathy and her family in AZ are more excited to have me head out West for a visit than I am!  Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to the trip but Ms. Kathy is giddy with anticipation of the trip.  Too funny!

I want to do some sight seeing while I am there.  Any sugestions for things to see in the Phoenix area?

ESM is a great evil step mom.  Ever since she joined our family, she has been there as a mother presence but hasn't pushed being a mom on me. I can't express how much I appreciate that.  At the Sunday Dinner, she asked if she could give me some "motherly advise".  I said "go for it!"  While, I'm not ready to share that advise yet, I will say its some good stuff and has worked very well for her!  Thanks, ESM!

I am getting new office space at work. I am going from an office space all to myself to a little cubicle in the middle of a walk-through room.  Nice, huh?  But since my job doesn't involve the confidentiality of clients, just privacy, I had to give up my office space.  Bummer.  While they are creating my cubicle, I have been moved out of my office and have no "Home".  Thankfully, I work on a laptop and there is wireless in the building so I can work just about anywhere that there is a plug.  But I want MY space.  I'm tired of traveling each day to a new space and adapting.  Hey Construction Guys!  Get moving!

Maybe if they were cute workers, I might not mind too much.  The leader looks like Weird Al Yankovich dressed up and Michael Jackson.  Pretty scary!  And his helpers are all too young.

I guess that's all that's running around in my head for today.  Tune in for more Randomness over at Keely's!


  1. I keep reminding myself "At least I have a job." I had an office space of my own as well, with a door, in a suite, then I was moved to an office out in the hall, with a door and lovely window view. And now I am in a cubicle area in a basement which I lovingly refer to as the dungeon. I've gotten a promotion since then, it's just that other people have, too. And I'm not bringing in grants you see. Ah well. I love my job. Find something you can put in your space to make it your own. :)

  2. wow. you got lots of goods going on...so great about him agreeing that is awesome!

  3. Tripping over Valentine's is a lovely thing.

    I will not be able to shake that Al Yankovich/Michael Jackson image.

    Happy RTT!

  4. Glad to hear your Ex agreed, that is good news...

    Phoenix area meaning like go see the Grand Canyon, go to Scottsdale and see everything there... downton Phoenix is terrific and clean with great restaurants and a park where people gather and sell produce some days and singers sing some days but it is just a nice place to visit and walk around... Take a tour of Chase field downtown Phoenix... I will keep thinging and let you know... When do you leave?

  5. Saguaro National Park is not too far away...

    I hope everything continues to go well with your ex. It's about time.

  6. So glad that your ex has changed his mind and is working with you.

  7. Yea! Yea! A/H is cooperating. I'm so happy for you. That's got to be a big relief.

  8. Yea! Yea! A/H is cooperating. I'm so happy for you. That's got to be a big relief.


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