Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Jesse and Cassie were planning a surprise party for Cassie's brothers birthday. They invited all Steve's friends plus their boyfriends.

In the weeks preceding the party, Jesse and Cassie went around to all their teachers hole punches to collect the DOTS. They ended up with a huge bag full.

The day of the party Jesse and Cassie passed the bag of DOTS around to share. As Steve came home they all hid and waited to bombard him with the dots.

Everyone let loose at the same time and yelled surprise. Steve was surprised! And blinded by DOTS! There was laughter all around and the requisite dot fight.

There were DOTS everywhere! In hair, down shirts, in the furniture, in the food. Just everywhere.

When the party was over Jesse and Cassie worked together to clean up the DOTS but years later when Cassie moved out they found more DOTS.

As the years went on, occasionally one of the girls would gather up some dots and mail a care package. And laughter would ensue at the memory of so long ago.


  1. I love finding little tangible memories.

  2. smiles. i love this...little things you can send to each other that you know will bring smiles at the memories...

  3. I remember following a trail of confetti from our hotel room back to the dining room for breakfast the day after our wedding. We were finding confetti in our car over a year later. I'll bet you will rethink the fun you've had with all those dots in a few more months of cleaning them up. LOL

  4. That is the best! I think it's so great that the dots were mailed for years!

  5. Oh wow that is sweet.... mailing them all those years!


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