Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I Have been living it and having fun. Not doing anything special. Just living.

Of course living has not been without its hiccups.

The deal with a/h fell through of course. This will probably get it's own post later. Briefly, jakes came home upset. I reacted but not too badly. A/h took offense because I protected jakes and he canceled the deal. After talking more with jakes and the therapist, I came as close to apologizing as I ever will to a/h. He has since said he doesn't want Jakes for the summer. Which he sent to me in a text message and wants ME to tell jakes. NOT happening. He can take responsibility for it. Like I said I will give more details in another post.

Dad has at least one cracked rib. We're waiting for he results of the X-ray. I don't have all the details but he fell last night and banged himself and his ribs up pretty good. can you say percocet is his new best friend?

See what I mean about hiccups?!? Sigh

My brother actually stopped out the other night. He hasn't been in touch with dad since JULY. And the only reason he came out this time is because dad saw him in town and ordered brother to come out and get his mail. Brother was only there for maybe 5 minutes. And that really hurt dads feelings. Needless to say I'm PISSED at brother and I no longer have a brother. Not a big deal cause we have never been close and he usually gets on my nerves.

I moved into my new space at work today. Yay! It was getting tiresome moving from office to office depending on what was open. I haven't settled in and still have lots of boxes to unpack but I have a home again.

Joining my choir has been wonderful for me. I love going and can't wait for the spring concert. Did I tell you that we are singing the national anthem at a Phillies game ON MY BIRTHDAY?!?? OMGoodness! I can't WAIT and neither can jakes cause he gets to go and we can stay to watch the game! Woot!!

And my evening had a wonderful ending with a long phone call with a great friend!

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  1. nice...so glad you are singing as well as i know you are enjoying it...ugh on the hiccups, esp with a/h...hope that dad heals up, not fun breaking ribs...

  2. Hugs, cheers, well wishes ... Sent in random order.

  3. If he's so wishy washy and keeps changing his mind like that, I'm really glad you're the one with primary custody. At least you're a solid and consistent force in Jake's life. Sorry a/h isn't.

    Cool to the new office, Phillies game, and phone convo though!

  4. oh my word. i have been so busy at work and have not had a chance to catch up on my reader. I am reading backwards on yours today. Holy crow, so much to catch up with.


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