Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Lawyer

**** There’s a bit of nudity in this story! Cover your eyes!****

Cassie lived right on the river. Most days, Jesse would ride her bike over and the two girls would swim and float the day away. One day while they were playing, one of the neighbors came out with his windsurfer.

I should tell you that Cassie and Jesse knew the neighbors mostly by titles, not they actual names. The Lawyer lived three houses down and was HOT! The People From Pennsylvania lived on the other side of The Lawyer. You get the picture.

It was The Lawyer who came out with his windsurfer and speedo bathing suit. Cassie waved hi to him and he called the girls over.

“Would you like to learn how to windsurf?” he asked. “I’d be happy to teach you both.”

Both girls were excited and of course wanted to learn. Hanging out with the cute lawyer would be so much more fun!

They moved to waist deep water and The Lawyer gave them instructions on getting on the board and pulling up the sail. It wasn’t as easy as he made it look. Once the sail was in the water, it filled with water and was crazy heavy. You have to pull the sail up out of the water while maintaining your balance on the board. Not an easy thing to do.

Finally, The Lawyer got on the board with Cassie and helped her pull the sail up. They sailed a bit, then Cassie lost her balance and into the water they both went. Then it was Jesse’s turn. She and The Lawyer were able to get the sail up but Jesse lost her balance right away and splashed into the water.

This was when The Lawyer suggested that maybe the girls had had enough for today and he sailed off on his own. The girls swam back to shore and giggled over their wonderful afternoon.

Several days later, Cassie was walking down the bulkhead to Debbie’s house. When she passed The Lawyers house, he was standing in his living room buck naked! And all the windows were open! Cassie did a double take, not believing that he would be standing there NAKED for all to see! Then she hurried on to Debbie’s house where both girls giggled over it and called Jesse.

Every time the rest of that summer, the girls would crane their necks to look into The Lawyers house to see what they could see! And when he would come into the river to give them windsurfing lessons, at least Cassie knew what was hidden in the speedo.


  1. Wow. I had a boring childhood.

  2. That was so funny. I can picture it happening and still laughing.

  3. Hahaaa - love this story! (true, right?) Nicely written, too. :-)

    Marvin D Wilson


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