Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jakes Journal #2

This is my journal of my adventure with Jakes and stabilizing his medication for Aspergers with ADHD Combined.

I still see improvement in Jakes from a week ago. But last night he was a little more pingy. As in ping-pong. He loved dinner, meatball sandwiches. Jakes was more or less cooperative, not as focused as he was on Sunday. I'll still take it.

Today was the first day of 2 mg on the Intuniv. This is also the med that he says keeps him from sleeping. Today I picked up Melatonin as per the drs suggestion. Another medication. Lovely.

This morning, he needed a bit more prodding and nagging to get ready for school. But again, no major yelling. Yay!

When he is off his meds, he makes noises. Doesn't matter what kind of noise, just any kind of noise. Today was a trilling sound. It was so high pitched it hurt my ears and Jaxon even flinched. I have no idea how Jakes makes this noise but I can only hope that as his voice changes he won't be able to make that noise anymore.  I would just like to have quiet in the mornings.  I don't mind talking or music but I cannot stand his noises, especially the high pitched ones.

This evening he was still a bit pingy and less focused than I have seen him in the week. But he's not as bad. I can live with this I think. Most days.

I am waiting for the dr to call me back with the results of the EEG from last Friday. Since he has taken his time getting back to me, I'm going to think that there is nothing wrong with his brain waves. YAY!

Of course, I'm still waiting for his father to get back to me with the answers to my and the drs questions. What was I thinking that he would get back to me within a week. Oh well. I have test results that will hopefully show everything the drs need to know. And the biggest hopeful is that his seizure was just a fluke!

Off to sing!


  1. I hope the results come back the way you want them. It still sounds pretty good so far with his behavior.

  2. intuniv is good...i have used it with aspie kids and had good results...along with the melatonin...they make a mel that is moxed with an herb that is really good too...


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