Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Phillies Game

My choir is singing the National Anthem at the April 3rd Phillies game!!  I CAN'T WAIT!!!  Here's the press release that was in the local paper today.. (I edited a little for privacy)

Oak Singers to perform Sunday, April 3

Sunday, April 3, will be a very special day for some members of the Salem Community College Oak Singers.

Under the direction of Charles H. Musser of Carneys Point, a group of the chorus will be singing the National Anthem at Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia.

The 50-plus member chorus has sung the anthem two times for the Phillies: Once at Veteran's Stadium in the mid 1990s and the second time in September 2005.

Joining the Oak Singers will be a large entourage of family and friends to witness the singing and watch the game between the Phillies and Houston Astros.

The coordination of the arrangements for the chorus to appear at the game was handled by Paul R, a member of the group.

The Oak Singers is a community chorus that is based at Salem Community College. The group was established in January 1991, with 23 singers and has grown to more than 60 members.

In addition to putting on two major concerts each year, the Oak Singers participate in Salem Community College's commencement and occasionally perform at various civic functions.

Their spring concert will be held in Davidow Theatre on Friday, April 29, and Sunday, May 1.

One thing they forgot to metion in the article is that Sunday is MY BIRTHDAY!  What a way to spend your birthday!  Singing in front of 43,000 people!  WOW!

The game is going to be televised on PHL 17 and on MLB.com.  It might be on other channels and as I find out, I will let you know.  I don't usually watch ball games, do they televise the National Anthem?


  1. It couldn't have been better timing. That's definitely a great way to spend your birthday!

  2. woot that is awesome...wonder if i can find it on the satelite to watch!!!


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