Monday, March 28, 2011

Jakes Journal The First Episode

I really need to find a way to keep a journal of what goes on with Jakes.  So, here we go!

This weekend Jakes went to his fathers cause I was busy being a singleton and dancing my butt off.  When I got home on Sunday he was already there with my parents.

**** on a side note, I have to say that I love having my parents so close.  At this point in my life, I need to be close to them. ****

Jakes was calm and quiet but still himself.  One of the things I worry about with the medication is that we will loose "Jakes."  That is a scary thought to me!  We chatted and then went to Ms. Kathy's for dinner.  I wasn't eating and neither was Jakes but we went over to keep everyone company and to get caught up on the happenings around The Compound.

Jakes is currently on two medications for his ADHD, one a quick acting, short duration medication and the other a longer acting medicine that has to build up in his system.  The Dr is hoping that we can increase this medicine and reduce the other one.  This medicine has fewer side effects and is not a controlled substance.  I'm all for this plan as long as it works for Jakes.  He's been on the new medicine since Wednesday, is on the lowest dose made and I am seeing a change in him already.  LOVE IT!

When I got home last night, he was calm and quiet but still himself.  He chatted appropriately and was pleasant.  He whined when G-pop asked him to put the trash cans out for pick up but he was moving to get his coat on when he whined.  That was a normal "I can't believe you want to do something" whine and we all ignored it.  He is allowed to express his opinion, after all.  In the past, he would have out and out refused to do it and it would have been a battle.  I was SO proud of him!  And when he came back in I told him so.

At home, he went into the living room to hang up all 3 of his coats that were tossed about the house.  YAY! I didn't have to ask him!  YAY!  I asked him to unpack his bag and give me his clothes so I could wash them.  He did!  Without arguing or stalling!  YAY!

We chatted about his grades, which are still in the toilet but are coming up.  He was starting to stress himself about getting better grades.  I told him that I am happy with the work that he has put into getting them up and if he keeps it up, things will be fine.  He was concerned because he has a C in science and I don't like C's.  I said, "you're right.  But you've brought science up from a 56 to a 79 in a couple of weeks.  I just want you to keep doing what you are doing."  He's doing so much better about getting the homework turned in!  Last week there was only one assignment that he missed turning in and he insisted that he had done it but the teacher hadn't marked it.  My point to relating this conversation is that it was a calm and rational conversation, without yelling and crying!  YAY! 

We chatted about his homework and getting his book bag together.  No arguments!  YAY!  It was such a wonderful evening, I invited him to settle in with me to watch TV for the last half hour before bedtime.  At bedtime he whined again that he didn't want to go to bed. He did stall for a few minutes but I didn't nag him and he went in by himself!  YAY!  When I went in for kisses (yes, my 12 year old still wants me to tuck-tuck him!) I told him how much I enjoyed our evening together!  I praised his behavior!

Mornings have been notoriously rough.  This is because he doesn't have any meds in him by the morning.  That's why the Dr has prescribed the second one. 

Today started out pretty nice!  We got snuggles in and when it was time, he got up and started playing with the dog.  I had to do a bit of nagging about getting ready.  At one point he asked to make a deal, if he got ready for school on time and without arguing with me, I'd let him play my iPad until it was time for the bus.  I said no and he had a little fit.  But he took himself to his room, I left him alone for about 10 minutes, then went in to ask him about dinner.  I slipped questions about getting ready for school in there and he was back on track.  All in All it was a good morning!  Especially if you compare it to past mornings!  YAY!

So as the #2 medicine works its way into his system and we move up one dose, I have hope that we will be able to function normally.  I have hope that I won't need medication myself!  HA!

I've already checked his grades on the school website and he handed in the missing assignment and there are no zero's for today!  Way to Go, Jakes!


  1. Wooohooo way to go Jacob!!! so glad things are looking better for you both <3

  2. nice. i am liking all the chatting as well....and the gently getting him back on task...

  3. Right on Jakes!

    Im loving the ability to delete the nagging.

    It really sounds like the meds are helping him to behave in a way he previously just wasnt capable of, even though he knew what the right things to do were.
    You know I'd compared my unwilling funk to being prisoner in my own body, but maybe that's more apt for good hearted kids with similar diagnoses.

    My the peace building continue!

  4. This is a great sign! Wonderful!

  5. I am so glad that the meds are working!! I know it's making your life easier!

    Your morning sounded very typical for a preteen!


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