Sunday, March 27, 2011

My weekend contained..................

Yummy food, cherry penises, buttery nipples, green boobies, dancing, laughter, long night, and a hang over.  And I had a WONDERFUL time!  SO relaxing!

It all started with a very adult dinner with Neicy at a yummy place in Cherry Hill.  We've been there before and loved the food, atmosphere and prices.  They had a special menu for South Jersey Restaurant Week.  For $35.00 you got to choose three courses and a desert tray.  Pair that with wine and good company and its a fabulous evening! I had a tomato and fresh mozzarella with basil pesto to start.  The next course was a yummy zucchini crabcake on a bed of spinach.  Our main course was a broiled lamb chop with mashed and assorted veggies.  Pair all that with a nice Pinot Grigio and it was a lovely meal.  We had a plate of assorted deserts with a little Godiva Liquor to finish off the meal.  Neicy and I got to chat and get caught up on things that we can't cover in email.  With us being such good friends, there is never a lack of conversation!

On Saturday, I went North for Kimbers bachelorette party.  We all met at a yummy Italian restaurant for dinner.  When I say, Yummy, I mean YUMMY!  After dinner we headed back to Kimber's to get the Party started and wait for the club to open.

We started with Jell-O shots and other vodka stuff while they called the club for VIP seating and the cabs to take us there.  I have never been in the VIP area of a club but I LOVE IT!  You get your own area to sit and dance in, you get your own waitress so you don't have to wade into the bar for your drinks.  Its expensive unless you have a bunch of people to split it with, which we did.

Okay.  Back to the Pre-Party.  There were cherry and orange penises.  Penis maraca's.  Jell-O shots.  Silliness.  and giggles.  And green boobies!  Kimber had gotten necklaces with a light up moon for us to wear.  It would make it easier to keep track of the entire group.  Then the Taxis came for us and the Party got started!

At the Club, we get a couple of shots.  Kimber got a lemon drop and I got a buttery nipple.  I like sweet tasting stuff.  The buttery nipple is like drinking a butterscotch drop.  YUM.  And it will kick your A$$ cause you don't know you're drinking liquor.  After the shots, we moved into our VIP area with more vodka and dancing.  We started out on the dance floor but as it got busier and more crowded, it was almost impossible to dance.  So we danced at the VIP area.  And we danced!  It was a great night.  It even included Michele getting a lap dance from the lesbian lovers who stopped over in the opposite VIP area!

We closed out the club and took our taxi home.  Once there, we had to find spots for everyone to sleep. I shared Kimber's bed with her and two of her dogs!  But at least Kimber couldn't kick me like she used to when we were kids.

This morning was rough.  I don't drink very much or often so all that I drank hit me hard.  Last night and this morning. And my feet hurt from all the dancing in heels.  I just feel OLD today.  So I am taking this old self off to bed!  See ya'll tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like a blast. LOL Amy, your such a light weight :)

  2. how fun -- you are so not old! i love buttery nipples (the drink), too. yum.

  3. ha. get some rest...glad you had such a good dogs are barking from all the walking here in NYC the last couple days so i am not far from bed myself...

  4. Hells yes!

    I am so tickled for you. Dancing is the next best thing for adjusting the soul and shaking the funks.

    Good for you!

  5. Cherry penises? That sounds like a blast!

  6. At least the aches and pains came after so that you could really enjoy the during!


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