Thursday, March 24, 2011

Total Transformation Thursday Week 1

I'm sure everyone has seen the commercials for the Total Transformation Program by James Lehman.  He makes the promise that if you use his easy to follow program, you child will be totally transformed.  Sounds pretty outlandish, right?  Check it out:

I have whined a lot on here about how difficult a time I am having with Son and his Aspergers with ADHD combined with puberty.  I have whined to Neicy and Kimber.  I have yelled at Jakes until my father comes downstairs and suggestes I take a walk.  Jakes and I are in therapy.  Jakes is on ADHD medication.  I WANT to be on medication!

And we are still failing.  Him in school and me as a Mom.  I am tired and depressed, angry and miserable.  And DESPARATE.  And goodness knows how Jakes is feeling.  I imagine along the same lines as me.

Kimber has been having trouble with her kids, different troubles than mine, but troubles none the less.  She saw the commercial for the Total Transformation Program and sent away for it.  And shared it with ME!

Things in her house seem to have settled down.  I don't know if its becasuse she has implemented the program or if its just the natural cycle of things.

Anyway, the kit comes with a DVD, workbook and audio discs.  I am supposed to be starting Week #3 but I want to review week #2 again.  The first couple of weeks are describing your child and the behaviors as well as the ineffective parenting roles we have adopted and WHY we have adopted them.  I am hoping that Week #3 will enable me to learn how to correct my ineffective parenting ways.

Week #1 feels like a commercial to convince you that this program is great.  Like you are being brain washed.  Week #2 wasn't as much washing but there was some.

So, next Thursday, I will let you know how well I did at digging through Week #2, Ineffective Parenting Skills.  Sounds like a self esteem builder, right?


  1. I've not heard of this, but I am all for any kind of attempt to learn about being a more sane parent.

    Keep us posted!

  2. I'm curious if it will have a positive effect on you!

  3. def give us the down low....have heard the commercials and wondered about it...

  4. Thankfully, I'm waaaay past the parenting years, lol. And, I'm pleased to say, I have three well-adujusted, productive and happy grown into adults kids. So I must've done SOMEthing right.

    But this does seem like a pretty cool and helpful tool. I'm gonna turn my "parenting" two daughters onto it - thanks! :-)

    Marvin D Wilson

  5. Never heard of it, but will be following to see what you think. Because its probably easier to get the DVDs than to get Supernanny to pay a visit.


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