Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Dear Choir Members

My Dear Choir Members,

In September, you welcomed many new members into your group. They were welcomed with open arms; it didn’t matter if they had talent as long as they brought with them a desire to sing.  I was just such a member.

I want to thank you for welcoming me into your family. This experience has been a fabulous one for me. I have been thrilled, amazed, and humbled to be a part of such greatness. I have had experiences with you that I would not have had the opportunity had I not joined you. Knowing that every Tuesday evening, I can come to sing, laugh, and enjoy myself has been a blessing.

So many people work hard to bring us together, physically and musically.

Our fearless leader, Maestro Chuck manages to bring all our voices into harmony through the toughest music pieces while laughing with us over missed notes and entrances. Maestro Chuck, who makes us laugh when he misses an entrance or a breath, showing us that he is not infallible either.

Karen herds and gathers us all to the proper place each week and for each event yet doesn’t pull out her hair! Her emails and organizational skills are definitely needed by those who show up to sing.

Laurie, our accompanist, amazes me each week with her ability to not only follow Maestro but also manages to be right on track for anyone who wants to review a part. It’s like she is psychic!

The Board Members who work behind the scenes to ensure we have music, funding for advertising, and costumes to wear.

I am humbled by the many talented people we have in the choir. Everyone has a fabulous voice and those who share it with the world in a solo part are AMAZING. Each evening we practiced with the soloists, I was in awe of your talents and bravery.

I have enjoyed the many hours shared with my seat neighbors, both in the practice room and on stage. You have made me feel at home and given me lots of giggles. You have taught me so much about singing.

So while we are off for summer break, I will be remembering you all fondly with a smile. I will miss you and the fun evenings. I cannot wait to be back with you all, singing for the Holiday concert. Have a wonderful summer!

Thank you so much for having me.


  1. smiles. i am so glad you are doing this now...and loving it.

  2. Just LOVE choirs! It's been too long. Your post made me homesick for singing with the group. For me, the best part is the harmonies.


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