Friday, May 20, 2011

OH The Ears!

Over the years, Jakes has had numerous problems with his ears.  Lots of infections, lots of antibiotics.  Many operations to place tubes in his ears. As of last count, 3 placements, 2 removals.  His last set was placed in June 2009, with one being removed in March of 2011.

When we went back in April, the ear looked good as far as healing, but there was fluid in the ear already.  sigh.  Dr didn't want to do anything about it yet, just monitor it.  Unless Jakes had problems, we didn't have to go back until August.

Yesterday, we were at the pediatricians for a medication check up and the Doc gave Jakes the Once Over.  Doc is very aware of Jakes ear problems and doesn't mess around with them, just sends us over to the specialist.  Doc said that BOTH ears have fluid in them and Jakes is complaining of hearing loss.  sigh.

Doc prescribed a nose spray for him and said to put him on Claritin, as well as for me to contact the specialist.

BIG SIGH........

Do you think the speicalists can find a way to make Jakes ears grow so that they drain properly?  So that he doesn't have to continue to have surgeries to place the tubes? 

Sigh.......   Off to call the Drs.


  1. oldest has ear issues...super wax producing ears...

  2. That sucks, poor Jacob :(
    Hope they can figure something out this time.


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