Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Meeting

Last week I had a meeting with my case manager and her supervisor.  ESM and Neicy went with me for support.  We created goals for me before we can be discharged, strengths of Jakes and myself, as well as the tools necessary to meet the goals.

My Goals: 
  • To have a good relationship with Son - Peace in the house
  • To have better communication with Son's father about issues concerning Son
what can help us to meet these goals:
  • Turn Jakes in a a well mannered child
  • Work on Jakes medication to ensure he is benefitting appropriately
  • keep Mom sane
  • the case manager will work to engage his father in this entire process
Things in place or to be put into place to help us meet the goals:
  • continue with in home therapy and any aftercare that is decided upon
  • mom to continue to work with the drs for medication management
  • mom to continue to attend her therapy sessions
  • mom to continue taking her meds as prescribed
  • a mentor for UP TO 10 HOURS per week will be assigned for Jakes
  • mom will get respite for UP TO 10 HOURS per week while the mentor works with Jakes
  • case manager will continue to try and make contact with Jakes father to engage him in the process
I left the meeting feeling very good about what happened.  We have a plan for helping us.  Once again, I have hope that things will get better.

When I left the meeting, the case worker still had not made contact with Jakes father.  She had left 3 messages for him through the week and he finally called her back around 4:30 but she wasn't able to take his call.  She was busy getting ready for my meeting.  Its Tuesday and I still have not heard from her that she has made contact with him.  She promised to call after she spoke with him.

So, that's where we stand.  Lots of stuff going on, lots of stuff in process.  We just have to go day-by-day to get to the end, where ever that may be.


  1. nice...looks like you have a solid plan and some actionable items...i like...

  2. That's all you can do. Go day by day.

  3. Good plans. The best thing you can do now is plan and THANK heaven there is time built in there for you.


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