Monday, July 11, 2011


I am so tired lately.  All I want to do is stay in bed.  Now, if there was someone in there with me, that's different.  Unfortunately, my bed is empty, except for me.  And I need to get motivated to get out of it.  Oh, I'm doing what I have to, work, house keeping, running Jakes to his therapies.  But my heart is not in it.

I know its my depression.  I don't know what to do to get myself out of this feeling. So for now, I'm just plugging along.

And counting the minutes until I can get back in my bed again.


  1. Oh I wish I knew what to say.

    Sometimes it's okay to be blue, I guess. But I know how it feels to want to not be and it feel like its not in your control.

  2. ugh, that just bites. I hope that things swing the other way for you soon.

  3. ((amy)) change your pattern, do something fun, take a break, get a cup of coffee, treat yourself...

  4. amy - i hope you are pulling out of the slump -- i know depression has a tight fist :( and it's difficult to get through some days. you have a lot to be down about, and sometimes validating yourself that there is a reason for feeling that way can be helpful. take care.


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