Thursday, July 7, 2011

Riding Lessons

Jakes had his first session for the equine therapy and on the drive to the farm, he was pretty chatty.  But he was monotone and babbling about silly stuff in great detail.  He was acting so much like an Aspergers kid.  He must have been nervous or scared. 

But when we got to the farm we were greeted by 4 very friendly dogs which thrilled Jakes.    Watching Jakes talk with Ms J, I could still see the social awkwardness of the Aspergers.  She immediately worked to put him at ease, got him a helmet and a lead so they could get the biggest horse in the field!

Jakes LOVED it!  Every bit of it.  He didn't get to ride this time but did get to know one of the horses.  And he gained the trust of that horse.  Jakes was so good with the horse and listened to everything the instructor said.

Walking Hersey around the ring

getting the horse to back up

such concentration

Walking back at the end of the lesson

Treats between friends

What a happy face!

When we were leaving, Jakes said what a wonderful time he'd had and he couldn't wait for next week.  He said its always been his dream to ride a horse!  See, Good Things!


  1. yay! this is respond so well to animals...great therapy!

  2. Awesome! I'm so glad to read this. I'm researching riding lessons for Thor. He might not be an aspergers kid but he does have a lot of the same needs.

    Heck I want riding lessons for me! I love horses.

  3. Horses are amazing. Sounds like a great opportunity for him.

  4. look how happy he seems. This is great. I wonder if they have a program around here.

  5. So glad he had such a wonderful time!

  6. So glad you are doing this -- equine therapy is an incredible healing tool...I hope he continues to respond to it well...

  7. wow, your son is really handsome!

    awesome experience!

    happy Sunday!
    betty xx

  8. Totally awesome! Horses help everyone's soul~


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