Thursday, July 28, 2011

Drs, Drs, and MORE Drs.

I have said in the past that I like to be busy cause the time flies.  Especially at work.  This week has been almost CRAZY busy.

I had a grant application due on Wednesday but I was scheduled to be off work on Tuesday and Wednesday.  So my boss and I worked together to get it completed by Monday but I had to come in on Tuesday after Jakes appointments to put it together.

On Tuesday, Jakes had an orthodontist appointment in the morning and a pre-op testing appointment in the afternoon.  I ended up working until 7 to get the grant application completed and submitted.  Fingers crossed that the agency gets it!  If I do say so myself, it was an awesome proposal.

On Wednesday, I took Jakes over to the hospital to get tubes put into his ears so he can hear again.  The last hearing test he had he scored 35 decibels.  Normal is 20 decibels.  He failed the test miserably which is why they recommended the tubes again. 

This time they put in tubes that will stay in longer.  Usually the tubes stay in for 18-24 months but the ones they put in Jakes yesterday are designed to stay in for 3-4 YEARS.  Of course, they can still fall out on their own but typically Jakes has had to have them removed cause they stay in too long.  So far, he's had 6 surgeries on his ears over the last 10 years.

He is on ear drops for the next 7 days because the fluid in his ears was nasty.  They also gave him morphine in the OR, which is something they have never done before.  And he complained about having pain in his ears when we got home.  Poor guy.  This morning he is fine.

I canceled my therapy session for this week because I didn't do my homework.  I started yesterday at the hospital but they move you through the services so quickly!  We got there at 9 and were discharged by noon.  But at no time did we feel rushed out the door.

I am almost done with Drs appointments for Jakes this summer.  I have used most of my vacation days for Jakes appointments this summer.  I'm glad I took time for myself in AZ!  Jakes has to have a 24-hour EEG done because of his seizure in March.  We're having that done next Monday and Tuesday.  I will be taking both mornings off.

I can't wait for the summer to be over so I can stop taking him to Drs appointments!


  1. smiles. glad you are getting it all taken care will be over soon...only 4 more weeks here...

  2. A 24 hour EEG? That sounds like torture! That's a nice long time for those ear tubes to stay in. I'm really glad about that!


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