Friday, September 9, 2011

Fragmented Thinking

Its Friday.  So happy its Friday.  For a short work week, this has been a looooong week filled with stresses.  I'm ready for it to be over.

Dad's visit to the cardiologist went well.  They are not sure if he had a heart attack or not, but since he's starting to feel better, there really isn't anything to be done.  Except for him NOT to carry luggage down three flights of steps again.  Dr said that's the stuff that will kill him, with his heart condition.  The Dr prescribed nitroglycerin for Daddy to carry around in case it happens again and told him to get himself to the ER ASAP.

Dad also had a colonoscopy this week.  In the past, they have found cancerous polyps, some of which could be removed at the time of the scope and others that required further surgery.  This time they found 10 polyps, 8 of which they removed.  None appeared cancerous, but we have to wait for the pathology to come back.  Fingers crossed and prayers said!

As far as Jakes new diagnosis, I'm doing ok with it.  I contacted the Epilepsy Foundation and they are sending me educational information and I have to find out what Jakes actual diagnosis is as well as the type of seizure he has.  Once I know this, the Foundation will be able to better educate me on what to look for and expect.  The woman I spoke with said that he could have been having them all along, I just don't know what to look for.  Or this could be a new onset, with puberty.  Either way, it doesn't matter.  What matters is that we know now and will do what is necessary to care for Jakes.

I emailed all this info to JF but wasn't holding my breath on a response.  The NEXT morning, he sent a text thanking me for the information.  Now I know why the East Coast is flooding.

I am making plans for some girl time this weekend.  There is a celebration in a local town and Janet, Lori and I will meet there and turn our kids loose on the rides and such.  We're finalizing those plans now.  I can't wait to hang with my girls!  Its been too long!

Short but sweet!  Its all I got right now.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. This is good news all the way around. Doctors have been contacted and solutions are underway for everyone. Fantastic!

    I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

  2. yippee on the somewhat good news on dad.

    Good luck with JF...shouldn't we be getting ice instead of water though?

  3. Just catching up on Jake's dx! Hmmmm, Glad there are some good resources for you. WHEW! What a week AMY!

    You definitely need to kick back and have some girl time this weekend!

  4. on both counts i am glad you have directions to more forward...and resources to help you get there...have a lovely weekend.

  5. Whoa, your Dad needs to be careful and not lug those suitcases!

    Seizures are very scary things to witness.

  6. I hope everything is okay with your Dad!


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