Friday, October 7, 2011

Fragments on Friday

I have been sharing my bed with someone the past couple of weeks.  A four legged, furry friend.  My little Kitters hurt his paw while roaming outside and I don't want to let him back outside until he can walk right on it.  He's getting better and moving around better, but he's not ready to leave the nest yet.  So he's been taking advantage of my compassionate heart and sleeping in my bed.  Of course, where Kitters goes, so does Saylors, the girl kitty.  That's two four legged friends so far.

Then Shadow will come and snuggle up with us too.  Count 'em three four legged friends.  Jaxon spends time trying to jump on the bed and eventually makes it up.  A total of FOUR 4 legged friends in my little bed.  Its time to toss everyone out of the bed so I can stretch out and get some sleep.

I have Jakes this weekend.  There is going to be some repairmen at the house first thing tomorrow morning.  UGH.  No sleeping in for us!  But the repairs have to be done.  I'm also planning to take Jakes to the movies, then we'll stop for dinner someplace tomorrow afternoon.  I'm hoping for a good day!


The discussion between JF and I about the custody and visitation changes did not go well.  I had asked for LOTS of visitation time with Jakes and JF didn't like that.  He tried to bully me into doing what he wanted.  He threatened court and to call our case worker.  I said to go ahead!  What judge won't give a mother as much visitation time as she is asking for, especially when the father is working?  And I've kept the case worker in the loop for everything that's been going on.

I do find it funny that he lied to the case worker about being off on Saturdays as well as complaining about having to get a bigger apartment.  He was told in April that he was to provide a bedroom for Jakes, even before we considered changing custody.  OH! And he also told me to remember that I came to HIM.  Like he's doing me a favor. HA!

I didn't get mad at him; I actually thought it was funny that he was the one that got mad and acted like an idiot.

Oh well, we managed to work through things and come up with an acceptable agreement.  Hopefully, we'll be able to meet on Tuesday and sign the papers.


I am hoping to take some time at Thanksgiving to take a trip to AZ.  Depends on how much the cost of a plane ticket will cost.  If you know of a good place to get cheap flights through, let me know!

AZ and I have been chatting lots and sharing memories from the past.  We'll have to see where things go, if anywhere. 

He's been dealing with some health issues recently, scary stuff when your out there by yourself with very few friends.  He's taking years off his mom's life with everything going on out there.


Its going to be lovely weather round here this weekend. With Monday off, maybe Jakes and I will decorate for Halloween!  I hope everyone else has wonderful weather and enjoys their weekend!


  1. nice..hope the weekend goes well...what movie are you going to see....make that time happen in november will be good for you...

  2. I'd nearly forgotten that today was a holiday. That would be fun to spend the day with Jakes decorating. I hope the weekend has been going well for the two of you!


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