Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Funeral - A Short Story

Jesse walked up the steps to the funeral home with her husband Kyle, brother, and father. They were there to view her mother laid out in the casket. Jesse was also three days from her due date of giving birth to her first child.

In addition, over the past couple of days, she has felt some cramping and contractions. However, she didn’t say anything to her father. He had enough to deal with on this day.

After the family approved the arrangements, the doors were opened for family and friends to pay their respects. Jesse wandered around, greeting old friends and being hugged to death by family. Of course, everyone wanted to feel her pregnant belly.

Wherever Jesse went, the funeral directors wife was not far behind. Jesse was amused by this. She figured that they might view giving birth in a place of death would not be very lucky for either party.

For most of the evening, Kyle had parked himself in a chair and didn’t seem very concerned about his wife. At one point, Jesse turned around and almost stepped on Kyle, he’d snuck up behind her. Jesse moved away from him to greet other friends and Kyle followed. She couldn’t figure out why all the sudden he was her shadow.

When Jesse looked around, she saw her brother talking with Jon. Jesse froze. Her heart quickened and she was very nervous. Jon made sure to stay away from Jesse but his eyes didn’t leave her while he was talking to her brother.

Jesse didn’t see anyone there with Jon. He came alone. Jesse knew he’d gotten married and had a little boy. She also knew things weren’t good between he and his wife. But with Kyle hovering around her, there was no way Jesse would be able to get a private word in with Jon.

Just knowing he cared enough about her mother to stop by made Jesse happy.


  1. interesting addition to the tale and starting to see some of the seems...

  2. I'd like to know if Jesse will find a way to talk with him!


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