Saturday, October 29, 2011


I have been on my own for over 6 years now.  There has never been a steady guy that I've brought home since the divorce.  I've done all this on my own, with the support of my wonderful family and friends.

There have been several crisis's where I have wished I had someone, anyone who was there with me to just hold me while I cried.  Many times, I have wished for my mommy.

About two weeks ago, I went and signed residential custody of my son over to his father.  I didn't take any time off work, I even had to leave the courthouse before everything was completed in order to make a meeting at work.  This was a very traumatic day for me.  Almost as traumatic as the day of my divorce.  I'm very thankful that Neicy was at the divorce and she hugged me tight when everything was done.

The company I work for has about 75 employees in 6 different sites.  I work in the one closest to my home, fortunately.  We have a clinical director who is a nun.  She has been a nun since she was 18.  I helped her to plan her 50th Jubilee a couple of years ago.  Sister Anne is the most compassionate and loving person you'd ever meet.  She is understanding and helpful.  I love her to death!  I'd do anything for her.

Two weeks ago, when I walked into Headquarters, the first thing Sis said to me is "come here, you need a hug!  What's going on?"  I immediately lost it.  I cried on her shoulder and poured out my heart to her.

It was so nice to have someone there to support me, physically as well as emotionally. Human touch is so important to the mental and emotional health.  Human touch is something that is missing in my life somewhat.

I have wonderful parents who live right upstairs from me but we are not hug-y people.  Neicy and I are close like sisters, but again, not hug-y people.  Maybe its time to change that.  No maybe's about it.  Its time to change that.  With everyone in my life.


  1. powerful post. it makes sense why you would lose it once you hugged ... you felt safe, comfortable and accepted. i think many don't hug because it feels good and may let the guard down. i'm glad you have your friend who supports you in many ways. take care, amy.

  2. Oh gawd. Physical affection is my primary love language. Most of the fights and marital hardships I've faced have ended because my primal craving for touch overruled my brain and convictions. I'm weak : )

    Id hug you to pieces if I could!

  3. smiles...having that other...anyone to give a hug and shoulder is important...i am glad you have that support and who knows what the future might hold...

  4. I'm not a huggy person either but I do like to be held once in awhile.

  5. Amy, here I am with my arms outstreatched ready to hug you till you squeal. God bless you. You are stronger than you think you are.

  6. Give a hug, get a hug. Hugs are really very wonderful things.


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