Friday, October 28, 2011

Fragmented Friday

I woke up this morning to do the Friday Happy Dance.  Woo ho!  Its been a long boring week.

It got COLD last night!  I actually closed all the windows and turned the heat on.  brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr   But then, it is almost November.

Speaking of November, I can't WAIT for Thanksgiving.  I'm going to AZ for TWO WEEKS at Thanksgiving time!  Woo ho!  I ordered my plane tickets yesterday.  Happiness!  He and I are both looking forward to the visit.  :)

Jakes is all packed and ready for his move to his fathers.  Its supposed to happen on Saturday and the last I looked it's supposed to rain on Saturday.  So it might have to wait until Sunday.  But he's all packed and ready to go.

I'm ready for him to go as well.  We had another knock-down / drag-out fight this week.  All over a light bulb.  Don't ask.  I asked and he hit the ceiling and it went from there.  He thinks that because he's leaving for his fathers, that I don't have the right to parent him anymore.  Yes, he said that to me.  ouch.

But for my own support when he leaves, I have Neicy on standby to come over and coax me from under my desk (my favorite place to hide when I'm feeling badly), I've given myself Sunday to wallow but on Monday I will work toward my new normal.  I also have an appointment with my therapist on Monday.

I've been making changes to help my budget.  Not only am I loosing the child support that was paid to me for Jakes, but I have to pay his father.  That's a BIG chunk of money out of my budget.  I've canceled Cable and the Phone.  I've canceled the satellite radio and I'm looking through my recipes so I can start cooking at home.

Jakes and I have taken to eating out quite a bit.  So eating at home will probably help my waistline!  Its all good.

I completed my Halloween Costume this morning.  The Compound Peeps are dressing up and going to listen to Tunes from the Crypt at a local church.  A fabulous organist plays spookie tunes on the ancient organ in the historic church.  ESMand I have always dressed up for the performance.  This year, the organist emailed ESM and asked if we were going to do it again this year.  Of course!  And we're bringing reinforcements!

It promises to be a good weekend around here.  Hope you all have wonderful plans as well!  See ya Monday!


  1. I hope Saturday works for you, so you can have Sunday to wallow/dance around the house.

    Have a great weekend. I'll be around if you need anything.


  2. nice...have fun at tunes from the crypt...sounds cool...and you will have my thoughts on saturday!

  3. I too am happily looking forward to Thanksgiving. Although I am now jealous that you're going to AZ.

  4. And you're going as....!!? You forgot to tell us! lol!

  5. And you're going as...!!?? You didn't say! You must tell us what you're going to be for halloween!


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