Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Let's Talk Cimicidae

Yes, I want to talk about Cimicidae, or more commonly known as BED BUGS. Shiver……

They live in bedding and other places where people sleep. They like to live there because they like to feed on warm blooded animals. Shiver, again………..

Bed Bug
image taken from Wikipedia

I don’t know if you remember reading the news recently on the troubles Bed Bugs have been causing in various hotels everywhere. They have become a bane to the hotel industry everywhere.

When Neicy and I trekked to TN, we had picked out a couple of hotels near the hospital. As we got nearer the City, we started discussing where to stay and Neicy nixed the Super 8, just because they are “like a Motel 6”. Ok. I won’t argue. I just want to get out of the car and into bed with a glass of wine……

So we headed to the Comfort Inn down the street from the Super 8. Walking into the lobby, all you can smell is incense. Pee-u. But they had availability and offered a hospital discount because that’s why we were in town. We grabbed the room key and our luggage.

While we are sitting on our beds checking in with relative and our emails, she notices a bug. It was HUGE. It was walking on the top of the bedspread. We discussed briefly if we thought it was a bed bug, I looked up a picture and we decided, Nah, its ok.

A few minutes later, she found another one. Then another. Oh gross! Its time to go! I don’t think we’ve ever packed so quickly! We ran over to the office and got our money back. We headed down the street to the Super 8.

The Super 8 was lovely. It smelled clean; the front desk person was wonderful and offered a discounted room. When we got to our room, we immediately pulled the blankets back to see if there were any bugs there. They were clean.

Thank God!

This, of course, became another joke for us to share and giggle at, along with Flipping-A-B*tch, VA.  And Neicy won't be thunbing her nose at Super 8 again!

*****  I was not reimbursed by anyone for this post.  But if Super8 wants to reward me and Neicy with a free stay somewhere, bring it on!*****


  1. ugh...had a friend who just had a nasty experience with bed bugs on a trip....ewwww....

  2. That is so disgusting! I would have checked right back out too. Ewwwwww

  3. Oh great, now I feel itchy! :)

  4. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Amy...this is going to make me all "squirrely" ALL day! I hope you did not bring any home with you!

    They should have paid YOU!


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