Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fragmented Thoughts

I have to say I'm liking having someone to share life with.  Last night, I went running with Neicy and on my way home AZ called to see what we were doing for dinner.  He wanted Chinese.  So we met at the Chinese place in town, ordered a slew of stuff to take home.  No cooking for me!  Not to mention the help around the house, with laundry and dishes.  Its all good!  Except for the fish/bait in my fridge.  ewwwwwww

I have to say, I'm a little jealous of all the attention Jaxon is giving AZ.  He LOVES AZ.  Of course, AZ plays with him and is home more than me for right now.  AZ is still looking for a job.  Fingers crossed that something comes through soon.

Dad and Renie went on their first camping trip in The Thing and had a wonderful time.  They didn't go to Harpers Ferry this time, but will go on April.  They were able to hook everything up sucessfully!  There were several other campers there on their first trips with new campers too.  My Uncle and Aunt drove over to the park to visit with them on Sunday.  They came home on Monday, ready to go again!

I had to take some time off training for my 5k.  I had tendonitis in my knee.  Dr put me on steriods and rest for a week.  I hate steriods.  Hot flashes, sleeplessness and flushed skin.  Never again.  Last night was our first night back to running and we backed up the training plan a week.  It felt lovely!  I definitely missed running.  I won't be ready to run the 5k on April 7th.  I will be there to get my T-shirt and to see how quickly I can run/walk it.  And I'll keep working on it!

I am going to totally BS this application that I'm working on.  Its an important one but I think I can work my way through it.  I'll let you know in a couple of months.

Did you see my pretty piggies?  I went to a virtual Pedicure Party over at Betsy's My Five Men.  All you had to do was get a pedicure (professional or at home) blog about it, and link up at Betsy's.  Way fun!  I don't think I've ever gotten so many comments!  And Betsy is giving away a wonderful gift to one lucky winner!  So cool!  Just for getting your toes ready for the warmer weather!

Ok.  Time to start the BS-ing.  Later ya'll!


  1. I admire your dedication to running. I love to run. I do. My body just doesn't always enjoy it. I really want to try to get going again after the move - of course now my bad foot is really really acting up. Hopefully after I see a specialist I can get going. I said I would do a half marathon by my 35 th bday - which is in May. Wah. I tell you what, you keep training, I'll hopefully start training, and next year, you, me and Neicy do the half. Whadda ya say??

  2. sorry i crapped out on the piggie party, got home at like 930 pm and just could not get myself up for it...ha....

    goo job on the running as well...and liking having someone around...that is awesome..

  3. You'll be back in your running routine before you know it! I need to do a 5K like you are, even if I just walk!

  4. good job on the running!
    i SO admire you, i love to run but i'm too lazy, i guess...

    and amy, thank you so much for your kind get well wishes for my sister.
    just wanted you to know how much i really appreciate them.

    big hugs!


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