Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Let's Talk........... feet

Have you ever stopped to think about all the hard work your feet do each and every day?  They carry you from one place to the other.  They support us, each and every day, every minute of every hour.  They let you run and jump and skip and play.  You can dance and climb mountains on your feet.  In the winter, they get hidden inside socks and shoes.  In summer, they get displayed in flip-flops, sandals or just plain ole bare.

With the change in weather, your little piggy's should be making their appearance once again.  Betsy from My Five Men wants to make the emergence of our little piggy's a fun time.  She is sponsoring a Pedicure Party on March 26th!  She will be hosting a link-up for you to share your pretty piggy pictures!  AND there will be a give-a-way!

Whether you go for a professional pedicure or just opt for a little extra pampering at home for the piggys, join up with Betsy and show us your pretty piggys!  You have 13 days to get your piggys pretty and ready for the warm weather!

Mark your calendars NOW for the Pretty Piggy Party at Betsy's! 


  1. oh yeah, i am getting my feet ready...smiles.

  2. lol...Brian keeps saying that...I'm holding him to it!

    It's going to be FUN! My piggies need a fresh pedicure, too!

  3. Don't let Brian come. Men's feet are never pretty! ;)

  4. Oh yes! any excuse for a pedicure :)


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