Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Check In

What a lovely weekend!  Started out with Jakes annoying me via text because I wasn't there to get him 40 minutes before the scheduled pick up time.  What fun!  Finally got him, dinner and headed home.  Jakes went bowling withe G-parents while AZ aka Popsicle watched a movie.

Saturday was lazy day after riding lessons. Laundry and house work, TV and snuggling.  Playing on the beach and fire watching....

Meadow fire

This was on the other side of the meadow, with a road between me and the fire.  But I didn't know that when it was flaming.  A little close for comfort.

My boys were having such fun playing together!

I don't know who was chasing who but they were having fun
Yes, Jaxon runs so fast his feet are a blur for the camera

Jaxon spotted the geese

He thought he'd go swimming with the geese

Sunday dawned beautiful, minus one hour.  We started with playing on the beach, then cleaning the flower bed and washing the car. The afternoon moved on with Jakes helping G-pop with chores around the place.  Then it was time for him to go home. 

And we're NOT going to talk about the "I fall down an' go BOOM!" happenings around the compound.  Ok.  We'll just say, yes, it was me and yes, I'm okay.  and I'm VERY disappointed that I need a new chain for my hammock chair.   :(   And I saved the eReader!

Hope your weekend was a lovely as mine!


  1. you fell? glad you are ok...

    glad you had some fun...

    did jaxon ever catch the geese?

  2. Your weekend sounds pretty darn good to me!

    That fire would definitely be a little too close for my comfort!

  3. what a lovely weekend! I worked an auction yesterday, but today was lazy and wonderful!

  4. Eek, that fire would have worried me a little bit too..

  5. We used to have a dog that would swim after the ducks & geese. It drove me crazy because I was always a little afraid he'd just keep swimming.


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