Thursday, March 22, 2012

Life Outside the Monitor

Wow!  Where does the time go?  I can't believe its over a week since I posted anything here.  Guess that's what happens when you are living life outside of the monitor!

Since I usually put these posts together at work and we haven't had Internet at work since this past Tuesday, I haven't thought about posting. I've had a couple of meetings in Trenton for work this week so being out of the office makes it difficult to post as well.

Then factor in that I've been enjoying things at home, I just haven't thought about posting.  Well, that's not true.  I have thought about posting but just haven't been around a computer or haven't wanted to get off my lazy bum to type something up.

AZ is pretty much all settled in.  He's still cold and still looking for a job.  We've spent time around bon fires with his friends as well as hanging out at the local fishing pier.  He's been helping with chores around the house, cooking and dishes.  Today he fixed the pantry door!  I could get used to this!

BUT, I DO have to get used to this.  I am so used to doing everything on my own that I am still trying to do everything before he does it.  I also have to work on accepting his help when its offered.  Definitely an adjustment for us both.

I'm having a Scentsy Party at the house this weekend and have lots of stuff to do to get ready for it.  He wanted to go fishing with a friend and have dinner with him AND he wanted me to go.  I would have loved to but there's just so much here to be done.  I'll go the next time.  I sent AZ on his way alone.  I hope enjoys himself.  AZ is also looking to get out of the house while the party is going on!  I don't blame him.  Can I go with?

Work is going swimmingly good.  My bosses are very pleased with my performance.  A couple weeks ago, a funder called to say my proposal scored second but they wanted to partially fund it anyway.  Of course, we'll take whatever money you want to give!  Today we got the contract and its for the FULL AMOUNT I asked for! Woo Hooooooo!

Plus at several meetings this week, they have been pleased with my knowledge base and motivation to get things done.  Hanging out with them today at the meeting and after was fun!  We even shared iPad app ideas!

Jakes is being a Teen.  He's doing well but doesn't want Mom texting him.  BUT when I get him, he acts like he misses me, wants to hug and lean on me.  He seemed to be ok with AZ being here the last weekend visit.  We'll see how it goes this weekend.  I'm sure it will be just fine!

The G-parents are going away this weekend.  They've had to postpone their Harpers Ferry trip for a month or so.  They are going to a park outside of Baltimore, which I think is better for their first trip.  If they run into serious trouble, I can run down there in a couple of hours to help.

Of course with the G-parents gone, there is no one but me to take Kathy to lunch and dinner and she doesn't usually cook at home. So, Me and Dolores (neighbor) will work together to make sure Kathy doesn't starve.  Plus, I've made Cinnabons to share with the G-parents and us.  YUM!

This Sunday, I will be getting my piggies pretty for Betsy's Pedicure Party!  Check it out and get your piggies ready for summer!  You too Brian!

Well, that catches you up.  I hope to make the rounds of your posts soon!  In the meantime, Keep On Living Beyong the Monitor!


  1. oh yeah working on my piggies this weekend you know...ha...

    glad work is going well...and you are having fun with AZ...yeah accepting help is a good thing...smiles....

  2. I figured you were out busy opposed to, you know, the alternative (but you do live in Jersey and the way they drive, you just never know...)

    Anyway, glad LIFE is keeping you too busy to write. I'd say that's a good thing :)

  3. THIS is good stuff my friend.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Sounds like you're settling into a routine fairly quickly with AZ being around. That's a good thing! I hope your party goes really well!


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