Monday, April 9, 2012

Birthday Celebration

My Compound family and I went to the Cheesecake Factory for my birthday dinner.  That would have been wonderful enough, just celebrating and sharing the good times together.  But Daddy had other ideas.  When his youngest sister turned 40, they messed with her a bit.  Daddy liked it so much, he got everyone in to mess with me. 

It started with this but wrapped up:

Daddy got into the spirit of things and handed each present to me in a particular order.

There are 40 presents in there.  All 40 items are silly things like rubber bands, envelopes, crackers, you get the picture.

All of the things contained 40.  So there were 40 rubber bands, 40 envelopes, and 40 crackers.  Even 40 pieces of toilet paper!  That's going in AZ's truck for a fishing emergency.

Eventually, I got to the end of the 40 presents and Daddy presented me with the final one.  It was wrapped REALLY tight with lots of tape!  Thanks, ESM.  Can you guess what it contained?  40 one dollar bills!  Woo ho!  Pay day!

Then it was time for desert.

Cheesecake of course!

Jakes asked the wait staff to sing to me and they wrote on my plate.  YUMMY!

I have to tell you, turning 40 was so much fun!


  1. oo dessert looks great...glad you had a happy birthday...what a fun way to celebrate too...smiles....

  2. 40 doesn't sound to0 horrible...first I have to survive 35!


    Sorry, I'm late to the party. Love you girl, and I'm glad to call you friend.

  4. Happy belated birthday!

    Mmm, cheesecake...

  5. Wonderful that your family celebrated you for your 40th. Best wishes for many more of the same.

  6. happy birthday! I went to cheesecake factory on my birthday last year..yummy!

    What a fun gift...I'll have to remember that clever idea~!

  7. happy belated birthday amy!!

    drooling over that i'm hungry!


  8. Oh so happy belated birthday!


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