Thursday, April 5, 2012


Such a short word. Such a powerful word. Such a hard thing to believe in.

I consider myself an optimistic person, I try to see the good in any situation. Yes, I may wallow for a bit, but that's normal.  You have to take time to process things and see which way is up.

With all that I've been through in my 30's, I have very high hopes that my 40's and later will be a wonderful time in my life.  I've learned so much in my past, I don't want to say it was worth it, but how else will you learn?  By living with the good and living through the bad.

I will continue to live with hope.  Hope for a good life and hope for the strength to live through the bad.


  1. amen amy...everything we go through, we either learn from or repeat in many take the tough times for what they are and look to the future...

  2. Sometimes hope is all we have to cling to!

  3. I hope nothing bad happened that means you're searching for hope at present...but yes, hope is good!


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