Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Ok, does anyone who used Blogger like the new publishing layout?  Right now, I do NOT!  Its going to take some getting used to, I guess.  I also do not like the Timeline on Facebook.

Otin wrote a post titled Definitions of Blogging Terms, where he describes phrases used by all bloggers.  And recently, I have used each and every one to excuse my lack of blogging.  One of my favorite Aunts commented on a Facebook post that she missed my blog.             


Maybe I need to make more of an effort to keep my peeps in the loop.  Aunt L, this one's for you!  Let's play catch up!

Ok.  Ya'll know that AZ moved back to Jersey and in with me.  What started out as roommates has progressed into a bit more.  We're still figuring things out as we go along.  There's a lot going on with that subject.  I'm very hopeful that we can make things work out and form a strong loving partnership.

When you get to my (and AZ's age) its hard to find someone that doesn't come with suitcases (baggage just seems negative and the past is not all bad) from their past.  I have an ex and a kid.  AZ has an ex and a kid (JR).  Our kids are both teenage boys, JR is 15 and Jakes is 13.  But they are in completely different places in their lives.  JR has had a rough life so far and has seen his share of legal trouble.  JR has friends and a girlfriend that he wants to spend time with.  Jakes doesn't have many friends he wants to hang out with and while he has a crush on a girl, doesn't have a girlfriend.  JR wants to be out of the house and hanging with his friends.  Jakes doesn't mind hanging at the house with me.

JR's mom is having some problems of her own and it seems that JR will be coming to live with AZ and I. Soon.  Like this week.  YIKES!

As I said before, AZ and I were going to be roommates while he found his feet back in Jersey. When he moved here, he was talking about getting a job (is still looking!) and moving in with a friend of his. There was no talk about him staying with me for longer than a couple of months and NO talk about JR coming to live with him.  But circumstances change and you have to go with the flow.  In all, it seems that AZ chose the right time to come back to Jersey for his Son.

I am in complete support of JR coming to live with us.  He needs a parent in his life and his mom is not able to be there at this time.  I know that this time together will be good for both AZ and JR.

AZ and I are in talks with each other about how to make room for both boys in a small two bedroom home.  Talking about how to get JR to and from school in the next town over.  Possibly moving to that town and leaving my lovely river view.  Talking about rules for the boys and other things that must be done. Lots of talking about how to make this work.

That's the motto, We'll figure out how to make this work.  I have faith that we can do this.  We can make all this work.


  1. wow. glad you are working together to figure this out...i know you told us before that he was coming but def a lot of is your son handling it?

  2. Like I told you before, make sure you have open communication and you each get a say in what goes on, how things work, and handle the problems that might arise together. If you do that and have respect for each other and the kids, then it'll work out.

    I've got faith (and hey no matter what town you live in, if I'm in Jersey in August, I'm still buying you a drink!)

  3. I'm sure you'll work it out. I've been a bad bloggy


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