Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fun with The Boys

I had Jakes this weekend and it was the first HOT weekend of the summer.  Fortuntely, the tide cooperated to allow us to walk out to the sand bar in front of the house.  We walked (Jaxon swam) out and played and ran on the sand bar. It was SUCH fun!

Jakes arriving on the sand bar.
The water was only about knee deep.

When the tide is out, there is a lot of sand bar showing and its only up to about your knees when you walk across the river.  Jaxon has to swim a bit but he follows me where ever I go in the water.

Swim, Jaxon, Swim!

Jaxon loves going to the sand bar cause he is allowed off the leash and can run like the crazy dog he is.

Jakes and Jaxon chasing each other.

The Sand Bar

A different view.....  My House

Jakes, Jaxon and I were able to go to the Sand Bar on Sunday and Monday.  Both boys (and me) were SO tired when we got back.  What a fun couple of days!

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  1. nice...i am glad you had so much fun...would love a dip right about now...its so hot here...


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