Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Go To Your Room, Now.

Many people don't like where or who they work with.  Me?  I love my office, the people I work with and even for the most part my job duties.

My office space is a little cubicle.  I used to have an office but as the office expanded, the counselors needed the office because of confidentiality.  So they built me a cubicle in a pass through space. That part I don't like.  The copier is in my office area.  Anyone who needs to go to the kitchen or the bathroom has to pass through my office area.  I have two windows and a couple of pretty plants.  And lots of pictures of Jakes and my zoo.

The office is 5 minutes from my house.  I get to go home everyday for lunch, if I want.  I leave at 5 and am home lickity-split.  Love it!  When Jakes was in school here, if he needed me, I was right there for him.

The people I work with for the most part are great too.  Alberta worried like a mom if you don't call in the morning and you're not here for the start of your shift.  Joe keeps tabs on everyone too.  Alberta and Joe are like an old married couple.  They have worked together for about 15 years.  The other week, Alberta asked for a divorce from Joe and she didn't want any of the children.  Me and the other counselors are their children.

Today, I got back from lunch and checked in with Alberta as usual.  We were chatting about things.  A client came in and Alberta said something about people starting to make her crazy.  I said "Starting"  That's when she turned to me and said, "you can go to your room now."  I burst out laughing!  Mom sent me to my room!

I love that we work so well together.  I love that we can tease and be silly and comfortable with everyone.  It makes coming to work a little easier.


  1. ha. working with good people makes a job a lot less work you know...

  2. It's wonderful when going to work isn't painful! You're very lucky. :)


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