Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let's Talk Chocolate.......

I am a Chocoholic.  If Chocolate was made an illegal substance, I'd have to be the first in detox.  I am addicted.  I love milk, dark and just plain chocolate.  I don't want it polluted with nuts or fruits mixed in.  If I want nuts or fruits, I want to dip it in or cover it myself.

I come by my addiction through genetics.  My mother was a chocoholic and her mother before her.  Mom would have a small bowl of rice krispy's and instead of white milk, she'd mix a little chocolate milk in.  Me too.  Every morning, instead of coffee, I have a little chocolate milk to get me started.

When I started my New Adventure with the Scentsy Family, they were starting their ramp up for the release of a new product line.  Chocolate Fondue!  My mouth started watering at the first mention. ME?  Able to sell CHOCOLATE?  HEAVEN!

Velata  (VE-la-ta) is the new product line and its a warmer similar to the Scentsy warmers, but you can warm the chocolate into a fondue dipping sauce and dip lots of yummy things into it.

My Velata Website

There are so many fun warmer styles and colors.  The warmers are very similar to the Scentsy wax wamers, in that they use a light bulb to create the heat to melt the stuff.  The Velata warming dish is silicone, dish washer and microwave safe.  The set up and clean up is SO easy!  I plugged in the warmer, turned on the light and while I melted the chocolate package in the microwave, the silicone dish warmed up. 

When I was done tasting, I scrapped the remaining chocolate (yes, I had leftover chocolate!) into a container and put the warming dish in the dishwasher.  Clean up couldn't be easier!  The packages are 6 oz each and are designed to feed 5-6 people. Since it was just AZ and I dipping that time, we had some leftovers.  When I took Velata into work one Friday afternoon, 5 of us went through 2 packages!  Yes, we're pigs!  It was just SO darn GOOD!

There are four flavors of Belgian chocolate: Milk, Dark, White and Caramel Milk.  Let me tell you, I love all the flavors!  The dark is so rich and is perfectly paired with pretzels (salty) and with pineapple (sweet and tart).  The milk is just so creamy and coats the dippers (rice krispy treats and marshmallows) perfectly.  While I am not a fan of white chocolate, the Velata brand was pretty darn good too.   I dipped apples in it and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

My hands down favorite flavor is the Caramel Chocolate.  To quote one of the other consultants "I could live in a package of Caramel Milk!"  I couldn't agree more!  This is so creamy and flavorful!  You can taste the chocolate and caramel, neither overpowers the other.  I have dipped lots of things in this one and can't find ANYTHING that it doesn't compliment.

I have a personal website you where you can place an order and have it send directly TO YOU! 

If you have any questions or want more information, please don't hesitate to contact me!  I have lots of ideas for party themes as well as a LONG list of dippers and wines to match up with the chocolates.  Place an  order and I'll share those with you too!


  1. I must resist. I must resist.

    I must buy.

    No! Wait, I must resist....

  2. yum, i love fondue...and fruit dipped in chocolate...or peanut butter...smiles.

  3. illegal? I'd refuse detox...I'd just be a junkie breaking the law. lol....

  4. I keep hearing about this. Sounds fantastic!!

  5. I'm back on weight watchers so LALALALA I can't hear anything about any delicious chocolate LALALALALA

  6. I am RIGHT there with you Amy! Bring on the chocolate! AND, I find it to be my DUTY to try NEW products simply for quality control!



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