Monday, May 14, 2012

Looking for Info

I know I have a couple of readers who are therapists and I know I have readers who are absolutely fabulous parents.  I need your expertise.

I've written countless times about Jakes father and what an asshat (thanks BloggingMamaAndrea!) he can be to deal with.  The most recent difficulty has been that Jakes says he's not on his ADHD medication but I cannot get Asshat to answer my repeated emails as to what medication Jakes is actually taking.  Then of course, Asshat sends me a receipt for a refill of the ADHD medication that Jakes says he's not taking.  So, thanks to the fact that Asshat doesn't understand the concept of co-parenting I'm clueless about what medication Jakes is taking.

What I'm looking for from my wonderful readers:  Information on Co-parenting throughout a divorce.  I did a quickie search on Amazon to see what they have to offer in the way of books but nothing jumped out at me as intriguing.  I was pretty upset when I did that search and could have been biased.  I'll check it out again.

What I am hoping to do with this information:  I want to be able to present a plan to the courts detailing how Asshat and I should be working together to co-parent Jakes. If I have a reasonable plan to follow and its part of a court order that he has to follow it, we should be able to work together or I will be able to take him to court.

So, any information, books, websites or anything at all that you want to share or direct me to will be greatly appreciated!  I want what's best for my child and as much as I HATE Asshat, I am willing to put that aside for what is best for Jakes.

You guys are wonderful and I know you'll come through for me. HUGS!

PS - Wonder why spell checker doesn't recognize "Asshat".  Is too a word! 

PSS - I apologize if I offended you with my use of "Asshat" but it fits him to a T.  If you don't know the back story to Asshat and want to know, message me and I'll give you chapter and verse.  ;)


  1. I don't have any advice for you on this, but I sure hope somebody does. It seems like it would take me 3 seconds to text you the name of the medication he's taking. I just don't understand him at all.

  2. i will see what resources i can come up with you have a worker at social service or a CASA or anything right now like that? be back with what i come up with...

  3. There was this great blog written by this dad (okay he was a little out there with his I'm divorced so I'll sleep with everything in a skirt thing BUT,) he always had great book suggestions for co-parenting and such. He was in a car accident awhile back and couldn't sit to blog anymore though. I don't know if his blog is still in existence BUT I will search!

    For you, anything :)

    I would think asshat has a legal obligation to tell you what Jakes is taking. I would definitely print, scan, email yourself the million ways you've tried to and failed to get an answer from him about it. As I learned during my stint in the corporate world - Always Keep Proof of other people's stupidity!

  4. I really hope you can get some advice.

    I'm not offended by asshat at all. ;)

  5. I hope he gets his crap together soon and wants to be a decent co-parent with you. :(

  6. I hope someone can help you. All I can say is I will keep you in my prayers.


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