Friday, June 22, 2012

No Hearts and Flowers Here

We have a new addition to the family. No, I'm not adding to the zoo!  Plenty of pets in our world already.  We have a POP-UP CAMPER!

Its the perfect size for us, sleeping 4-6 depending on how close you want to be.  Its been closed up for quite a few years so it needs some TLC and bleach, which we've been working on in the evenings.  AZ is so excited!  He has a project to work on!  Plans to make, things to do.

The Master Bedroom
I've been making lists (which is what I do!) of things we need in order to stock it so we can just hook up and go.

The Kitchen
There seems to be a leak in the ceiling.  Last night when we were cleaning, the sides pulled off the ceiling. 


AZ is going to pull the ceiling apart this morning to see what needs to be done to fix it.  We were talking about having to pull out the existing ceiling and putting in new.  I was excited cause then we would paint it and I could stencil something to personalize it for us.

I suggested hearts and flowers, mostly kidding.  AZ immediately vetoed.  He said if I did, he was getting the deer head from his step father to hang in the kitchen.  He also suggested fish, ducks, deers all over the place.  I suggested a compromise, a fish jumping through a flowery heart.  He didn't like that idea either.

JR and his BFF love the camper.  They have decided that they will live there this summer once we get everything cleaned up and established.  I know they will be excited to go camping with us.

Jakes has decided that since we won't have TV or Wii or AC, he will be staying with the gparents.  HA!  That's if they want him.  I haven't told Jakes that we won't be traveling with the GParents every time.

AZ is pricing portable AC units and a gas grill.  Those are the major purchases that we have to make to outfit the camper. I need to make new curtains for the kitchen and to make the bedrooms private.

We have scheduled our Maiden Voyage for the weekend after the 4th of July.  We are going local in case we have troubles.  My parents are going to the same park.  Fortunately, because they are bigger, we won't have adjoining spots.  We can get away from each other but still hang out together and watch the fireworks!

So many wonderful changes happening, so many exciting trips to plan and places to go!


  1. AC? You do understand this IS camping right? You want AC open a window ;)

  2. So much awesomeness here - love it!!

  3. haha...this brings back parents had a pop up for a while...i still took the tent along....AC, that is not camping...smiles...

  4. Your idea of the fish jumping through the flowery heart made me laugh out loud!

  5. This post made me smile remembering all the camping we did as a young family. When we started out, we'd go with my parents in their fifth wheel camper--we had tents. When the kiddos got a little bigger, we did the canoe-portaging thing. That period of my life is over. No more sleeping on the ground for me, thank you very much. Have a fab fourth of July. It will make memories, no matter what happens with that leaky ceiling.

  6. love camping, and your post made me brings back sweet memories...

    hope you feel well by now.

    big hugs!


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