Tuesday, June 19, 2012

random catch-up

Summer colds are the worst.  Sitting under a blanket sipping tea at work on a summer day does not compute.  Hopefully the germs will work their way through me quickly.

This past weekend was a pretty good one.  Jakes spent lots of time at the horse farm, catching horses, tacking them up, leading them for the other students and taking a couple of bare-back trail riding.  I have to make arrangements with Jill for him to go there next week when he's with me.  He loved being there!

AZ brought home our pop-up camper.  A friend of a friend of his was getting rid of it so AZ said YES!  We took it to his moms last night, set it up and put it down too.  It needs lots of cleaning but everything is in great shape!   Pictures later. 

Jakes is Super Mad at me according to a text he sent to ESM.  He was mouthy with me and disappeared from the yard without letting me know he was leaving.  I had told him several times this weekend that I need to know where he is, yet he still disappeared.  So I took him back to his fathers instead of to my friends house.  So he is mad at me.  OH well.

I went to my friends house on Sunday evening for dinner and to watch her husband sing with his choir.  It was a lovely evening with them and sitting in the park listening to wonderful music.  I think my toe tapped time for the entire evening!  and there was sing along!  My favorite!

This week and weekend will be taken up with cleaning the camper, AZ and JR are heading over there this morning to get started.  I'll stop by at lunchtime to see how things are going.  AZ and JR have the outside and I get to clean the inside. 

Dad was pretty stupid yesterday.  And when he started to tell me the story that's how he started it, "I almost killed myself doing something stupid today."  Lovely Daddy, what?  He lifted a scooter into the back of his truck by himself.  Now this is a scooter that is too heavy for a normal, healthy person to lift alone, yet Daddy did it.  He said he ended up on his knees.  I bet he takes it easy today.  I bet his body won't let him do anything but take it easy today.  Let's hope he listens.

We celebrated Fathers Day on Saturday.  I made lasagna and vanilla ice cream for Daddy.  It was yummy!  Dad and ESM also celebrated their anniversary on Saturday.  11 years.  Since its been so long, I guess we'll keep ESM.  Happy Anniversary, Parents!


  1. funny....we had lasagna as well for fathers day....smiles....and good on you for setting the boudaries...and dont i know it....never had a sinus infection like this one....my whole left side swelled and drooped...they thought i had bells palsy for a bit....getting there...look somewhat normal again...

  2. The camper sounds like lots of fun adventures are ahead!

  3. summer colds are the worst for sure.

    hope you feel better by now.

    happy camper cleaning!

    big hugs!


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