Monday, June 18, 2012

what is a Zoo?

The World Dictionary definition of a Zoo is a place where animals live, are bred and exhibited for the public.  There is no description or limits of the types of animals, the types of habitates in which the animals are kept.

I have taken to referring to my collection of dog, three kitties and various teenagers as my zoo.  My best friend refers to her home with the 4 dogs and 1 kitty plus 2 kids and husband as a zoo.  This is a term of affection for our various animals, 2 and 4 legged who share our lives and homes.

So, in a post about Kathy's animals, I referred to her 2 dogs and 2 kitties as a zoo.  Well, someone showed her the post and she became upset with my terminology.  And because I use the term "zoo" in an affectionate way, I didn't even think about the possibility of offending Kathy with the reference.  In fact, I didn't even remember posting it when she confronted me about it.  I most certainly didn't intend for it to upset or offend anyone, especially not Kathy.

I don't want to have to worry about offending people when I post things.  I don't want to have to worry about mean people poisoning my family against me.  I would never publish anything that would intentionally hurt someone I care about.


  1. I'd call it a zoo too. And I think it's fair for you to call it that (since its your blog!) and you frequently get stuck taking care of said zoo.

  2. ah, people suck twisting our words...

  3. I'd also call it a zoo :/ People get too offended these days.

  4. Ugh. Another reason to be happy I post in the anom.

    A zoo was offensive? Really?
    Overly sensitive much?

    Sorry your friend, who should A-understand that this blog is your place to express your feelings without sensor and B- know that you are a kind and caring individual by knowing you in real life got her panties in a twist.

    And yes, I realize you probably can't post this comment - that's cools. It was for your eyes anyway. I don't want to instigate drama with a total stranger in effort to defend my friend.

    hugs kind lady

  5. It's so hard to discern tone from the written word, but she knows your heart and I'm sure if you explained that it's a positive word to you, she would be fine!

  6. That is one of the main reasons I quit blogging.


  7. i'd also call it a zoo. why not? i can't understand why this offended her.

    big hugs!


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