Friday, June 15, 2012

Velata's Little Black Dress

As a Chocoholic, I am all for finding news ways to enjoy my addiction.  When the Scentsy Family introduced their new line of Velata Chocolate Fondue Products, I was in heaven!

Velata offers so many wonderful choices in warmers, lots of diffferent colors and styles.  The first one I bought was the Maraschino Curve.  Its a fun and square at the same time.

Maraschino Curve

The next warmer I bought was the Blue Razz Pedestal.  I thought this would be a fun contrast from the cherry one and also to show the different styles.  When Jakes and I have our own dipping parties, this is the one we unpack.

Blue Razz Pedestal

But there has been one sleak and sexy warmer that has had my eye from the very first time I perused the catalog.  Its from the Individual Collection and is the Noir.

Noir from the Individual Collection
Look at the hour glass figure of this warmer. Its so elegant and classic.  It goes with any decor and will dress up any party.  I have ordered this twice for myself and both times I've displayed it, it has sold!  Just as every woman should have her own favorite Little Black Dress, I think every home entertainer should have the Noir for every occasion.  

Check out my website to order your very own Noir and don't forget to order lots of CHOCOLATE to go with it!


  1. haha...if i am getting excited about the figure on a fondue pot...its been far too long...smiles.

  2. I had no idea Scentsy had entered that arena!

  3. huh, i'm with liz.

    did you know that i too am a chocoholic?

    big hugs!


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