Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Its Tuesday.  Did you know its Webinar Tuesday?  Yup!  I have to sit through THREE webinars at work today.  One 10-11:30, one 12 to 1:15 and another from 3-4:30.  I think my head will explode! Or at least will be numb.............  Bring on the M&M's..........

We're having a little bickerment over money in the boys room.  Two weekends ago, Jakes left $4 on top the dresser.  When he came over this weekend, he mentioned that JR had found his money and left it for him.  When Jakes left on Sunday, he took the money with him.  Last night JR comes home asking where his $5 went.  So, who's money was it and how do we prevent this from happening in the future?  JR maintains it was his money and he left it on the desk over the weekend while he was not home.  Jakes maintains that he found it on the dresser and its his.  I'm tempted to just give JR $5 to save on an arguement.  But then what happens the next weekend where Jakes leaves his money.  So much to figure out........

The G-parents are still in Florida.  they should be making their way back north starting tomorrow.  I hope so, Kathy's Animals are missing her!  and I'm a little tired of taking care of her zoo........

Its only Tuesday and Jakes is putting in a request for a place to go for dinner on Friday already.  He wants to go to Friendlys.  They have ice cream so its probably do-able!  Then Jakes wants me to bring AZ with me.  Good that he likes AZ enough to include him in our visits.  AZ likes to give me and Jakes time with just us, which I appreciate too.

Well, time for the first webinar!  Wish me luck on staying awake today!


  1. fribble shakes....mmm...friendly's....

    oh the joy of sharing rooms too...everyone keep their money in their wallet...smiles.

  2. Hope you survived those webinars! GAH! I do NOT like them!

    Friendly's is good anytime!


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