Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Rambling

Daddy got good news from his heart Dr. He passed his stress test and can have the aneurysm fixed via a stent procedure.  He has an appointment with another specialist on Tuesday.  Fingers crossed that its in a place that can be reached by stent procedure.

Going to the beach tomorrow.  My wonderful friend, Janet, is hubby and kid-less tomorrow (which doesn't happen often) suggested that we go and just relax.  Love that idea and I'm SO there!  I just hope it's not too crowded and we can have a water view.

Jakes is upset with me because I'm not going to get him for dinner tonight.  I just don't feel like fighting the holiday/Friday traffic.  And considering the last time he left the house, he was so angry with me that he didn't even say good-bye before he slammed out of the house, I'm not very inclined to go.

I've found curtains for the kitchen and the sliding doors which is good and bad.  Good that I am making headway on decorating the house, bad because it means I have to paint the kitchen.  I'm so over painting!    Maybe AZ will prep the walls for me while I'm at the beach, then I can get right to painting.  And it depends on how I feel after relaxing at the beach.

Things with JR are more annoying to me than I thought they would.  He "borrowed" my bike without permission and returned it broken.  He also doesn't know how it happened.  Nice.  But his father has said he will be paying me back for the cost to fix it.  I took the bike to the shop yesterday and it will be there for about 2 weeks while they get the part in.  Nice.  Guess Jakes and I won't be riding the Dam for the next couple of weeks.  Boo!

There are other things happening that involve him that are causing problems. I am hoping that AZ and I can work together to make things right, for us and for JR.  Only time will tell.

We've put our camping trip off for now.  Things have come up that is keeping us home for now.  We will definitely get our weekend away.  Hopefully soon, very soon.

I hope everyone enjoys their last weekend of the summer.  Relax!


  1. ouch on the bike...and glad he is being made to be responsible...and yay on dads news as well...

  2. It doesn't have to be extravagant, but any holiday is better than no holiday. Don't let it pass you by. Happy news on the heart procedure.


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